Monday, September 17, 2007

On Top Of The World

This weekend we had a fun family hike. After church we headed to Drift Creek Falls just an hour toward the coast. It was a beautiful hike taking us on a path through a thick forest and across a magnificent suspension bridge over Drift Creek. The bridge was 240 feet across and 100 feet high and is apparently the longest suspension bridge in Oregon or Washington State. From the bridge we could see a gorgeous waterfall below. And, although the waterfall was beautiful, my favorite sight was my adorable son riding on his Daddy's back. It was his first time in the backpack and he loved it..making happy noises and laughing to himself even when it began to rain. He must have felt way up high on Daddy and on top of the world when they went across the bridge. Here are some pictures of our day:

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

My Musical Boys

This weekend I got this picture of Kai intently watching Tyson play guitar. He LOVES music and especially loves hearing Tyson play...he typically stops what he is doing and listens.

That's amazing Dad! What chord is that?
On the same musical note I took this video of Kai playing his own instrument...his lips. He is constantly making these funny noises and I finally caught it on video:)

Labor Day Weekend

This last weekend we had a great time with family up in Ellensburg. Every Labor Day there is a rodeo and fair in Ellensburg and it seems that we have made it up there every year since we've been dating. We don't go for the fair and rodeo so just always seems like a great time to see everyone. Two years ago Tyson proposed on that now it is an especially special weekend to me. Anyway, here is a little summary of our weekend.
We got to Ellensburg late Friday night after a miraculous drive of many miles on empty...We were having fun and were distracted when we drove past the last gas station for 30 or so that point the light was already on. Don't ask me why we didn't get gas but we drove right past. We drove for many miles with our car telling us we had 0 miles left of gas. But, we did get to experience God taking care of us yet again so it was worth it:) Well, when we arrived we were greeted by lots of family including Tyson's brother Troy and his wife Kari. Troy is in the Air Force and they are stationed in Texas so this is the first time Kai was able to meet his Uncle and Aunt. He was also able to meet his Great Uncle and Aunt as Uncle Kent & Aunt Peggy were visiting as well. We were also able to see Taryn that evening but she had to leave early the next morning to go back to Spokane for work.
The next day we spent a lot of the day at the fair working in the Young Life espresso booth and seeing friends. We were also able to go to the rodeo which was fun! While we were there Pa had a fun time pushing Kai around the fair. It was a long day but Kai did great as usual.
On Sunday we relaxed and Tyson's grandma, Boppa, came over from Bellevue so we were able to see her as well. Later went to the river where Troy and Kari's dog learned how to swim...but not how to like swimming. Tyson and Troy being the fun brothers they are decided to float down the river, which sounded cold to me but it must not have been too bad because they ran up a did it again! That evening we went to a friend's house for a birthday party and Kai got to meet little Ava. Her mom Candace and I were due only 3 weeks apart and they actually announced last year at this time that they were pregnant. They ended up being almost two months apart because Kai was early and Ava was late...but it was fun for them to meet! Ava is adorable and Kai was laughing and smiling at her like was the first time I had really seen him pay attention to another baby.
Monday morning we went to a brunch that was put on by Young Life for the rodeo. Tyson's parents were so busy all weekend with helping put on the brunch and run the fair booths...I am always reminded where Tyson gets his go, go, go attitude when I am there that weekend:) Monday afternoon we headed home and made it home at a decent time which was nice. It was such a fun weekend and such a blessing to see so much family and for Kai to meet many for the first time. I am putting up a slide show of pictures from the weekend so hopefully this will explain most of them. Troy and Kari have an awesome camera so they got lots of great pictures! So great to see all of you!