Thursday, April 16, 2009


Lately Kai ends most sentences with: "K?" It is sort of like he is asking permission but at the same time telling us what he is going to do. He says the "k?" with this little inflection that makes it seem like what he is saying is very exciting and there is no possible way we could say no. "Mom, I touch this, k?", "I watch Nemo, k?", "We play soccer, k?" and my personal favorite (and the I hear most often from my extremely independent child) "Mom, I do it, k?" I could not figure out where he picked it up until a few days ago when I was getting ready to change Kai's diaper and found myself saying "Kai, we're going to change you now, k?" in a voice that was telling him what I was going to do...yet also making it sound like something fun and exciting...hmmm...apparently he picks up on those things:)
the hiding place Kai found in the desk the other day
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Monday, April 6, 2009

A few randoms...

Kai showing off his new shoes and backpack (necesary items that doubled as bday presents:)

Super Kai trying to cut his own, it wasn't plugged in.

And quickly giving me his cheesy smile when he saw the camera...silly boy!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

2 year ago right now...

My little bundle of love came into my life...

As a mom do you every forget the exact moment you child arrives and changes your life forever? 10:30pm exactly Kai was born. Bright eyed and alert, watching everything that was going on. Only a couple of peeps...he was so quiet that I couldn't sleep all night for fear that he wasn't breathing...I would open my eyes as wide as I could to see his little chest moving up and down in the bassinet next to me. Today I watched him climb up into a play area he should not have been able to climb into--really, it was amazing to watch! It brought tears to my eyes to see how quickly my baby has grown...sad that it has gone so fast, and at the same time so very proud of the boy he is.

Two years ago at this moment...I love you sweet boy!

Kai is 2 Years Old!

That's right, today my sweet little baby boy turned two years old. I have so much to share about how much he has grown this last is truly amazing to me! While the transition to Peru was harder than I expected for him, he has also flurished in ways I didn't expect. I expected that with two languages being spoken to him his own language development would slow down some. NOT AT ALL! These last few weeks Kai has began speaking full sentences to us--Dad, do you want to draw too? Alright, hold on tight, here we go! I want chocolate cake! Mom, you stay here, I will be right back! These are just a few of the things he has said to us these last week that leave me thinking "when did he learn that?" And his vocabulary has amazed me, saying words and knowing the names of things I didn't even know we had taught him...probably because we haven't...he is just a little parrot and picks things up! So all in all his English is doing amazing. He has also began to say things in Spanish. Hola, como estas? Bien! Gracias, buenos dias, jugo (juice), pan (bread), and chow (bye).
The other thing expected to be difficult was potty training. Well, I guess what I should say is, I wasn't going to start potty training because there is so much new and changing and in two more months we will be moving on to a whole new city, home and people. I really didn't want to bother because I figured he would regress anyway and there is enough for him to deal with right now. Now don't get too excited--Kai is by no means potty trained. In fact, I would not even say I have officially started potty training. But, Kai has talked a lot about the potty, especially after being around older kids that use it. And, he tends to say to me "I pooped" quite a bit, which I've realized can mean #1 or #2...but he is aware after the fact and tells me. So, Tuesday night Kai walked up to me and said "I poop, I potty." So on a whim I asked him if he wanted to use the potty and he gave me an enthusiastic "Yes!" So, I put him on the toilet and he tried, really tried to go, and in fact, about three drops came out if you want to know. I was amazed...he really knew what to do when he got on there--he just didn't have anything do to it with...if you catch my drift. So today we were at the Extreme Office and Kai had a dirty diaper and after I changed it I asked if he wanted to try to go potty...he wanted to and did...#2 that is, on the toilet. Apparently he is ready...even if I'm not:) So, maybe that was too many details but I just needed to record this monumental event! I guess we will just keep asking him and giving him opportunities to try and see what happens:)
I have more to share but will have to do it another time! All in all my son amazes me and brings me so much joy each day. Thank you Lord for the gift you have given me in Kai--give me wisdom as we raise him to love you!

Blog Unsuspended....

I've decided I miss keeping a record of what Kai is doing and learning. There are things that aren't quite applicable to our mission blog but that I want to record. So, I am going to start up our family blog again. The posts will be few and far between but I like having the option...and not having it so officially "suspended":)