Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Kai Is Crawling

I came home from work last Monday to a mobile boy! Kai is crawling...he started a little wobbly as this video shows but he is moving much faster now!

Monday, November 26, 2007

O Christmas Tree, Part 1

Yesterday I convinced Tyson it was definitely not too early to get our Christmas tree. We headed out to a little Christmas Tree lot up the road and picked out our perfect tree. It is a sweet little guy and perfect for our living room. We have yet to decorate it (that will be part 2) but it is in the house and is filling our home with the scent of fir. Christmas is in the air...now if only I could find my Christmas music...

Here are some pictures of our "hunt" for the perfect tree.

Kai approved of this one
Tag---You're it! Tyson is marking our tree

Home, sweet fir smelling, home...Tyson got our tree set up just perfectly


We had a wonderful time celebrating Thanksgiving with my family in California. We left after work on Wednesday. Had great, relaxing day with yummy food and good company on Thursday and got back in the car Friday for more driving so Tyson could work on Saturday. We had a fun time even though it was short. There was a big crowd with my parents, my sister, her fiance, my niece, my brother, my step-brother and us. There were lots of pictures being taken but I realized it must not have been with my camera...I only have a few.
Here is Kai with Uncle Cecil (my lil bro)

Here is a funny picture of the whole gang...Kai decided to grab my hair as the camera went off:)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hello, Goodbye

I got home Monday evening to a happy baby, clean house and loving husband. It was great to have the weekend with the girls and no responsibility but I was glad to get home to my boys. Kai is not yet crawling but is much more mobile now doing sort of an army crawl to get where he wants. Gramma and Auntie T took great care of Kai and left on Sunday after church. Tyson took over from there. It was so nice not being concerned about him while I was gone. It was easier than I thought once I got out of the house. I did, however, miss Tyson more than I expected. Maybe because at 3:30am this morning he left for Kansas for four days so we had about an hour together last night. Although I am glad to be home with my son I miss my husband and look forward to all being together again.
Last week was difficult for me for some reason. I felt overwhelmed and stressed and it was obvious to Tyson because, well, he gets the brunt of it. I started multiple fights and was an all around brat. Wednesday evening he came home from work, canceled worship practice. called a friend to watch Kai and took me out to dinner. We went to the Bistro Maison, a little French Bistro in town that we had a gift certificate to (or otherwise could not afford). It was an amazing meal, we started with a white truffle fondue with apples, ham, potatoes and bread. It was delicious and could have been a meal in itself...but we didn't' stop there. Our dinners were amazing to and we left quite full. But the best part was just getting to relax and reconnect with my husband. I know I let the busyness of life get to me and I am so grateful he recognizes when we need time and makes it happen. I love you Tys and can't wait for you to get home!

Arizona Sunset

I arrived home yesterday evening after a wonderful weekend in Arizona. I left early (4:15am) Friday morning to meet up with two of my closest friends to go celebrate the marriage of our other close friend....what a wonderful start to the weekend...except for that 4:15am part. We arrived in Phoenix in the afternoon, checked into a gorgeous resort and prepared for Miriam's bachelorette party. That evening we headed to Tempe (I think...right by ASU) to PF Changs and then to a great piano bar. The bar was Big Bang and it was so much fun. Great piano players doing cover songs and they even got Miriam on stage...along with the other bachelorettes in the audience.
The next morning we went to a wonderful brunch at Miriam's parents house and then went and got manicures and pedicures...I can't remember the last time I felt so pampered. That evening we went to the rehearsal and dinner. It was great to finally get to see Jeff (Miriam's husband). I had met him once before when they came to Oregon to visit (they live in Boston) but it was very brief. Seeing them together again reminded me of what I thought the first time: He is perfect for Miriam.

I moved in with Miriam when I first moved to McMinnville and boy, did God know what he was doing! I didn't know her at all but we connected right away. We shared a room...the first a last person (except my sister) I shared a room with until I was married. We had so many memories that year with a lot of laughs and a lot of fun! Mir graduated and went to live in different countries...Austria and Mexico. The next year she came back to the states and lived with me again (lucky me!) and two other friends who were in the wedding, Erin and Jeannie. We lived in a house in Lafayette and that was the most fun year as far as roommates go. We did everything together...all four of us. We had so many fun memories that year: making a video when Mir applied for Survivor (she got a call back too...really), sleeping out in the backyard in a kiddie pool, roomie Thursdays at the UB, camping at the Gorge with unexpected trains nearby...just so many laughs, inside jokes, tears and great times. This was also the year that Tyson came into my life. While we sat around hanging out I would spend hours on my email trying to find the perfect words to write to Tyson (that's a whole other story). They supported me and teased me and loved me. It was an amazing year.

Miriam is a proud Lutheran which we for some reason always teased her about...I think it must be because she was so proud of it. She would always say things you could predict like "Yay, bed!" when it was time to go to sleep...and "would you still be my friend if (fill in the blank...with something ridiculous like, turn on the light). She is positive and energetic, honest and loving. She loves the Lord and was such a great example to me that first year I moved up here. I could have easily moved in with someone who said they were a Christian but did not live it. Miriam lived it and I am so thankful God placed me in her apartment. Back to the weekend. Yes, Jeff is perfect for Miriam. He gets her jokes, is sweet to her but can dish her the sarcasm right back, was raised Lutheran as well, so understands her fondness of being so. They make a great couple and that was evident in the few days with them.

The next morning we got up early to go to church...Miriam's dad is a Lutheran pastor and we were able to attend their church...although he was not preaching due to the wedding. After church we went back to the hotel and got ready to head to the church (a different one) to get dressed. Miriam's colors were "Arizona sunset". The maid of honor had a red dress and the bridesmaids had burnt orange.

It was a beautiful ceremony that honored the Lord and reflected Miriam and Jeff. The reception was at the resort were were staying at. It was amazing with wonderful food, drinks and lots of dancing. It was such an honor to be a part of their wedding and witness their love for each other and for the Lord. I felt so pampered and taken care of. Miriam was so well planned that we didn't really do anything but hang out and be in the wedding. It was such a blessing to me to be able to spend the weekend with close friends. Thank you Miriam for letting me be a part of your wedding and for all you did for us this weekend!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Mommy's Leaving On A Jet Plane...

That's right. Tomorrow morning I am headed down to Arizona to celebrate my good friend, Miriam's, wedding. Tyson's mom and sister are coming tonight so they can watch Kai while Tyson is working. As I sit here this morning and try to think of "everything" I am trying to remind myself that it doesn't really matter. Kai will be just fine and quite happy without me. Is that what is hard for me? Do I wish he would miss me just a little...yes. But I don't think he will and for that I am glad too. We have tried our best to raise an independent boy. Not independent like he makes his own meals, but independent so that he does not need Mommy and Daddy all the time, that others can step in at times to care for him and it doesn't crush his world. He has had lots of different people watch him and has always done great. And now, the times comes I have to leave him for four days and I know this will be way harder on me than him...and for that I am glad. I only have to worry about my mommy's heart that will miss him and not that he is home crying inconsolably because he wants mommy. I think the reason I am going to miss him so much (other than he is my son and I love him) is that I am pretty sure he will be crawling when I get home Monday and for that I am sad...I don't want to miss that milestone. He has made huge strides in the last few days so I know it it coming soon. He is getting himself places, as awkward as it looks right now. He can get himself onto all fours and then "crawls" backwards, he can get himself from his tummy to a sitting position and he can hold a push up position for quite a while. Right now I am watching him drag himself across the floor in our office to get into some of Tyson's papers. We have a rug down that is sort of shag so he grabs onto it and pulls himself across. Here are some pictures I took of his new "mobility".

The other day he woke up early from his nap crying. He does this sometimes so I just leave him crying and within 10 to 15 minutes he is back to sleep. Not this day...he just kept crying so finally I went to check on him (I don't do this right away because once he sees me he won't go back to sleep). Anyway, this is how I found him...his first time sitting up in his crib. I had to leave the room and go get the camera because I sort of found it funny how pitiful he looked and that made him even more mad...I know, I am a mean mommy:)

Here he is in a crawl position. He was on our bedroom floor while I was getting ready and I looked over and he was holding this position. Then he just kept holding it forever so I had to take a picture.

Here he is in his push up position...show off!

So, I will let you know if my prediction is right and Kai will be crawling when I get back. I know I am going to have a great trip and I know Kai will have a great time with is Auntie and Gramma (and Daddy of course). This is really just a great reminder of not holding on to him too tight. He is the Lord's and not mine and I need to be reminded of that ever so often. I praise God that he has trusted Kai to us to raise. Thank you Lord!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Park

The Park. Such a simple idea. Kids love parks right? Well, it took my husband to remind me of that. A few weeks ago during their Monday "Daddy Day", Tyson took Kai to the park and told me how much he loved it. It had never crossed my mind that our 6-month-old (now 7) would have any appreciation of the park. That is what I appreciate about Tyson. I get stuck in ruts and he thinks outside of my everyday routine and exposes Kai to new things. This weekend we took a walk as a family down to the park and let Kai swing...he LOVED it! He laughed and laughed. He also went on this little "mushroom" thing that goes round and round and was all smiles. We also sent him down the slide....it was a small slide and I had a hold of him...most of the time:) I think his favorite part was watching the other kids. Kai is delighted by other kids lately. He will watch them very intently and as soon as one pays attention to him he giggles like crazy. Today Kai and I took another trip to the park. After running a few errands we were driving home and were right by it. Kai had been such a good boy I decided to take some time and let him experience the swings again. This time I had our camera with us so I capture his delight on camera.

He was literally laughing and smiling the entire time on the swings.

This is the little mushroom spinny thing. He liked it more when Daddy did it but he still had fun today too.

Ok, his delight is begining to fade at this point due to it being way past nap time. This is his "I am confused if I am happy or tired" face. He was done with the park a couple minutes later:)

Friday, November 2, 2007

Kai is Seven Months Old!

Kai is seven months old today. I think it goes through my head every month..."I can't believe how fast this is going!" But, it is true. He is growing so fast and changing so quickly. This last month I have began to see just how curious he really is. I have heard people say...at this age "everything" goes in their mouth. Well, I thought everything meant: they sometimes like to put things in their mouth. Boy, was I wrong. Literally anything he can get his hands on goes in his mouth. And lately, he is working hard to get his hands on anything he can. If he is on your lap he is reaching for anything in sight. He has no fear of heights...he'll just try to fling himself off your lap to reach what he wants. So far Kai has been a ridiculously easy baby. He adjusts to almost anything, let's us keep him out late on occasion with out much fuss, and quietly plays by himself on my cubicle floor while I work. This month I have gotten a glimpse of how things may drastically change when he gets mobile. I have a feeling our "easy" baby is going to become a handful. Sometimes I see him looking around thoughtfully, like he is planning all that he will do as soon as he can get his body to do what he wants. He will probably be crawling in the next few weeks. The other day he got himself up on his hands and knees. And lately he will try to pull himself up on anything within reach so I know once he does start crawling it will quickly turn to climbing. Although I know it will be harder on me, I do look forward to Kai being able to explore the world and satisfy some of his curiosity. Remind me later when he is running around that I have prayed that he would be curious and desire to learn:)

Here are a few pictures I took of Kai. Tonight we are going to get our first professional pictures.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Pumpkin Carving

Last night we went out to our friends' house for some good old pumpkin carving fun. Although Kai did not do any carving himself, I think it found it all very interesting. There were a variety of pumpkins...a few traditional faces, a John Deer, a truck, a boat with a wake boarder and Tyson's gorilla-lizard:)