Thursday, April 21, 2011

Being a Mommy in Peru….

So many things about having a baby here that are different …I just don’t want to forget...

  • about constantly having my baby on me…I don’t have to think about what I wear (not that I ever did) because I am always wearing Grady. And he's cute. Oh, did I mention the heat…right, I thought I was hot before. Every time I take him off of me the front of my shirt is soaked through with my/his sweat and drool.

  • that fact that Grady has never been in a car seat…and that whole wearing him all the time thing is the best safety device I’ve got.

  • how Grady loves the sound of the motorcar and is instantly content or asleep as soon as Tyson starts it up. The other day I made motorcycle sounds (and being a girl, very poor ones), instead of sweet hushes…this worked way better to calm him.

  • how it takes FOREVER to get an errand done because EVERYONE stops to kiss/squeeze/google over the little white baby with blue eyes.

  • how I get stared at for covering up when feeding him. And how women and children sometimes lift that cover to see what’s happening underneath.

  • how if he makes a peep in church I have ladies telling me to feed him…because obviously any little peep means he’s about to die of hunger.

  • the advice, oh the advice. Cover his head or he will get diarrhea. DO NOT sleep with a fan in the room. He should never, ever have bare feet (even in 90 degree weather) because that is how sickness enters. I almost never put socks on him, and I get lectures All. The. Time. From Strangers. Did I mention most women ride on the back of motorcycles holding (often breastfeeding) their infants…but I am putting my child in major danger by putting socks on him:)

Kai Says...

One of my favorite things Kai says to Grady when he says goodbye… “Take care of yourself, Grady.”

Kai in the bath tonight: "My butt is talking and it’s saying it needs to go on the toilet!"

Scene: Kai playing on the hard (lets face it--really dirty) tile floor.
Tyson: Kai, you are going to love playing on carpet in the States!
Kai: I’m a big boy, I don’t need carpit.
Tyson: Kai, do you know what carpet is?
Kai: Yes, a car-pit is the seat in the car that you are stuck in.
Tyson: No, that is a car seat.
The fact that our son doesn’t know what carpet is or what car seats are called is a good reminder of how much there will be to get used to in the States.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Grady's Checkup

We had Grady’s 4 month checkup and immunizations today. We are a couple weeks late due to the fact that we have all been sick the last week and a half. Grady had bronchitis and a throat infection. Both led to him to not wanting to eat very much. I'm thinking this is the reason for his lack of weight gain. They were also concerned about his belly button. He has an outie (well, a halfie) and they suggested I put a piece of tape over it and pull the skin around it together--kind of like if you were to do a "butterfly bandage". I am never sure of what to think here. I don't know if it is an actual medical concern or just custom. They also said I should be feeding him "cada rato". Basically women here are breast feeding all the time. Every time the baby makes a noise they put them to the breast. They said this would help with his weight gain and with my milk supply. However, when I feed him off of our routine he eats for only a little, then falls asleep and doesn't eat that much the next. Basically he never gets full feedings...only enough to satisfy or put him to sleep. So, in my mind, he is not eating as much or getting as good of milk and my body's production is lower because it thinks he only wants a little. I think what I am doing is right but sometimes you begin to question yourself when everyone around you is telling you different. Anyway, needless to say I look forward to taking both of the boys to a pediatrician when we get back to the States:)

Grady's stats:
Weight-- 13lbs 11oz -- 18%
Length-- 24 1/2 " -- 28%

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mommy holding Kai when he was a baby...

He insisted I take a picture of his "letters" too:)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kai's 4th Birthday

We celebrated Kai's 4th birthday Saturday. His requests were a Toy Story party and chocolate cake. He had been anticipating this birthday...since February, so we wanted to make it special. We had a fun party with friends from the church and his school. Tyson barbequed hamburgers for everyone and they were delish. I made a homemade chocolate cake, Tyson sketched the Toy Story logo on it and I filled it in...a great team effort:) We played a few games, including Pin the Tail on Bullseye, and of course, the piñata. It was a fun day, nothing over the top, but Kai had a really fun time and felt loved and special. He was ecstatic with his one gift and the Woody doll from his piñata. We are thankful for our team, friends and brothers and sisters in the church who have loved Kai and invested in him. It was a blessing to celebrate his birthday with them!

Grady is 4 months old

Our little Graders. You are 4 months old today and you are:

  • rolling over from stomach to back

  • waking yourself up (and me) by rolling over and not being able to go back to sleep on your back

  • still not sleeping through the night (anytime buddy, hint, hint)

  • noticing your hands

  • grabbing anything within reach

  • putting that anything (and everything) in your mouth

  • drooling like crazy

  • sweating like crazy

  • smiling and cooing all the time

  • bringing all of us lots of happiness

You are sick today (hence the serious face in the pictures) but even when I was putting homemade saline drops in your nose, you still gave me sweets smiles and noises. It wasn't until the suction bulb came out that you started screaming. Have I mentioned you have quite the scream? You do. It can come on quickly and unexpectedly and it sort of sounds like the world ending. But, it can go away just as quickly. I have also found that the concept of crying yourselft to sleep is totally lost on you once you start that "the world is ending" cry. Thankfully your smiles out weigh the tears most days:) We love you Grady!

4 years. 4 months.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Today you are 4 and I am praising the Lord for the last 4 years and all the ways you have made me smile, cry, laugh, pull my hair out, grow, learn, pray, love...I am blessed to be your mommy! You are smart, funny, creative, loving, tough, sensitive, honest, thoughtful, adventurous and amazing. You make me proud. You are a sweet son, a caring big brother and a generous friend. I love you, Kai. Happy Birthday.