Thursday, May 13, 2010


We headed down to Chico, CA for a few days to spend time with my family. It was wonderful to see everyone and get to see my sister´s new house. My mom was down for most of the time, my brother made it over to see us and my Aunt Mary even came up for a night to visit. We were able to share with my sister´s 3rd graders about Peru. They have been praying for us and supporting us and it was so wonderful to get to meet them all! We loved Chico (and not just for the In n´Out Burger...but that was a hit) is a beautiful city and we loved getting some spring sunshine and time outdoors. Thank you family for a wonderful you all!

Kai with Auntie Vicky...loving the train museum

The Fam

The Ladies



We spent a few (way too fast) days in the Portland/McMinnville area and it was wonderful. We visited our friends Jeff & Kari and it was so fun to see Kai and Dutch play together...and think back to the days when they used to only lay next to eachother as infants. I spent the evening with my friends Erin & Jeannie while Tyson went to a concert with friends. I was ubber (yes, ubber) excited to meet Erin's baby girl, Hazel...cutie! We headed down to Mac the next day where we got family pictures (will post another day) and had a wonderful night sharing at our church about Peru. We feel so blessed to have so much support and encuragement from our church. On Saturday we had a wonderful time catching up with friends at a BBQ the Van Dykes put on for us...thank you guys! Sunday we shared at all 3 services at church and Tyson enjoyed some golfing with the guys while I took a Mother`s Day nap!

Erin and I and our kiddos!

Tys and the guys at the BBQ

Kai & Dutch...crazy boys!

Erin, Jeannie & I...just

Thank you friends for such a wonderful weekend...miss you already!

Boppa 2

We loved spending time with Boppa 2 (Tyson's grandma). She is Boppa to all of us but Kai calls her Boppa 2:) Kai and I got a special night hanging with her while we waiting for Tys to fly in the first day. She is an amazing woman, inspiring, generous, serving and loving. Thank you Boppa for a great visit!

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Happy Birthday Tyson

We celebrated Tyson's 30th birthday at a Seattle Mariner's game with the whole family! The Mariner's lost but the we had great seats and great company:)


We had an amazing time in Ellensburg with Tyson's family. It was the first time we had all beeen together in 2 years so it was very special. Kai was in heaven with aunts, uncles and grandparents...not to mention Tess the dog who he asked Boppa about right when we got off the plane:) It was a relaxing, refreshing time. Tyson and I even got to spend a night up in Levenworth with Troy and Kari with was wonderful! We love you all and it was so wonderful to spend quality time with you! Thanks for a great week!

I was super blessed to get to spend time with my friend Melissa. She is from Mac but wasn't going to be there when we were so she drove up to Ellensburg for a night to hang out. Thanks for making the trip friend!


Our first stop was Bellingham where we got to see great friends and visit the church they have was wonderful! Thanks for great visit Walkers, Mausses & Veltkamps!

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