Monday, June 25, 2007

Family, Friends and the Beavers

Last week was another funfilled week. On Tuesday my Aunt Mary came to visit. It was so wonderful for her to be able to see Kai and it was a joy to see her. Thank you Mary for making the trip to McMinnville.

On Friday we went to a goodbye party for our friends Mike and Kelly. They are headed to Middle of Nowhere, Alaska to teach. We love you guys and know you will be awesome! We can't wait to hear about all the adventures you will have!

My parents came for the weekend and had a great time seeing Kai. We had a garage sale on Saturday which was more fun than I's great to have people give you money for stuff you don't want...and it was nice to have an excuse to stay in one spot for a day:) Thanks Grandma and Pa Pa for entertaning Kai all day!

After church on Sunday we had a get together to BBQ and watch the Oregon State Beavers Baseball team play for the NCAA Championship! There were two pitchers from McMinnville High School that Tyson knew from when he was working there so it was fun to cheer them on. Go Beavs!
And, right as the Beavers won the Championship Kai rolled over for the first time. He did it three times in a row but hasn't done it since. I think he thought all the cheering that was going for the Beavs was for him:) Maybe I should try cheering really loud when I put him on his tummy today...I'll let you know how it goes...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Father's Day Weekend

We had a wonderful Father's Day weekend with Tyson's known as Nana and Pa. They had a great time playing with Kai and making him laugh lots!

Saturday morning was wonderful as it was the first night Kai slept officially all the way through the night and we had to wake him up at 7:30 was a nice change:) We spent the day hanging out and preparing for a garage sale we are having next weekend. Saturday evening we went to an event at the air museum and IMAX Theater. We were able to see an really cool IMAX film about fighter pilots...Fighter Pilot---Operation Red Flag. After the film we had a wonderful dinner among all the planes in the museum and were able to hear a pilot from Oregon's National Guard speak about flying and the making of the film. It was fun evening.
The next day was Father's Day and we headed to church. We had Kai dedicated at church and it was very special to have Nana and Pa there. We had a nice brunch after church and got some family pictures.
The Smith Men

Our Family
Daddy and Son

Thanks Wayne and Georganne for a wonderful weekend and thank you for raising a wonderful God-fearing son. Tyson is a wonderful husband and an amazing dad to Kai. Thank you Tyson for taking such good care of us, making us laugh and being an example of Christ's love. We love you Daddy!
Tracy & Kai

Watch Me Grow

The proud mommy in me thought I should post some pictures of Kai over the last 2 months so you can see how he has grown and changed!

3 days old

First Easter--6 days old

11 days old

One month old
6 weeks old 7 weeks old

I worked hard trying to get a smile on film...and after many other expressions....

I finally got it!Two months old

10 weeks old

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Smith Waz Update

This blog is a catch up of the last TWO and a half months, beginning with the birth of our son Malakai. He is a handsom young gent with a cunning wit, genious intellect and a squished head upon arrival. We are so blessed by the Good Lord to have this guy in our lives and we now can not picture life without him and his little surprises.

We think that he is a Jedi but that is beside the point. About a month later we visited Ellensburg and Tyson was able to do some recording with friends as we celebrated his birthday at home. Sis Taryn, Aunty Shoo Shoo, Grandma Boppa and Marilyn all visited to meet this little newcomer for the first time. Kai gave his first smile in response to something other than sleep, gas or poo and we caught it all on tape.

The following week we headed to Young Lifes Wildhorse Canyon where Tyson led songs and worship for a large group of First Responder families from the Portland, Vancouver area. The camp was a huge blessing to their lives and we had a blast meeting up with our friend Kacie Walters who is an intern and hanging with Ian E., Sam and Kay; the crew that helped pull whole camp thing together.

Grandma Julie and cousin Jaylee visited from Cali and spent some time playing with Kai, it was a great visit. Memorial Day weekend rolled around the last weekend of May and the Smith fam headed to the Oregon Coast for some camping. All three of us were able to fit in the tent and Kai loved having his his own little sleeping bag.

June has rolled around and Tyson just received a promotion at work he is now the Director of Education and the Evergreen Aviation Museum which is a nice gesture. Tracy started back working about a month after the pregnancy and has the priviledge of working some of that from home and bringing Kai in the part of the time. She is working about half-time from the pre-pregnancy days but gets a good amount of work done on Mondays when Tyson spends the day with Kai. He is currently a Tues-Sat and it seems to work well with our schedule right now. We are excited for the future and what the summer will bring...we'll keep you posted. Thanks for listening in. The Smiths.