Monday, July 27, 2009

Favorite quote of the week...

My favorite Kai quote from last week:

We were looking at pictures of family in a photo album and turned to one of Pa (Tyson's dad).

Kai: Pa! That's Kai's Pa!
Me: Yes, that is your Pa.
Kai: I want to hold him, I miss him.

It just about broke my heart...but at the same time I was cracking up inside...he did the same thing the next day when looking at pictures on the computer and seeing one of his Boppa (Tyson's mom)...I reassured him that they miss him too and would love to hold him!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Kai says...

so very many funny things every day. The kid cracks us up. Tyson reminded me that I need to write them down because when he is 70 he wants to remember:) So here are a few:

Kai mixes English and Spanish in almost every sentence now. My favorite is when he throws in a word I now we don't use that often or haven't taught him...that means he is picking it up from native Spanish speakers which is what I want:) The other day he wanted a chip from Tyson so he said "Daddy, I want one, I want it in my boca (mouth)".

Kai has been praying in Spanish lately because at his school (which is Catholic) they pray the same prayer every day. For a long time I could not recognize anything he said but lately we can clearly hear "en el nombre de el padre, hijito, espirito santo" (in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit). The other day in the store he was just blabbing away to himself really loud in Spanish and I recognized the words from his prayer...I don't know if anyone else could understand but I found it funny how loud and serious he was doing it.

We have been reading a little book with verses and Kai has been memorizing some. The other day we read "Honor your Father and Mother so that you may have a long, good life", to which Kai added "and chocolate cake."

These are a just a few I can remember right now...but I will add more as they come:)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Potty Time

We have been working on potty training lately. Kai has shown lots of interest and so we have been asking him if he needs to go and lately he has been telling us when he needs to go as well...of course, it is usually right as he is going in his diaper...but hey, it's a start. My mom had sent him some Thomas underwear a while back and I decided to pull them out as little reward/motivation one night after he used the potty. He was so excited and was dancing around and jumping for joy. So excited in fact that a whole 5 minutes after he had them on he had peed in them...apparently he is not quite ready for those. But in the time he had them on I couldn't help but take some pictures...and post them:) He also loves the DVD Elmo Potty Time and is way more interested in using the toilet after watching it..he also loves the songs and proceeded to sing me that "accidents happen...and thaaaaaat's ooooooookaaaay!" after his accident in the Thomas underwear:) They do. And it is.

These are all just so funny and different I couldn't decided on just one...

Here is Kai literally jumping for joy...
And suddenly embarrassed...or pretending to be...

I also thought I'd throw in this super excited on the potty face picture just for kicks:) I know, I know, this is for the grandparents for those of you that are rolling your eyes:)

Thanks Grandma Julie for the Thomas underpants...we will try them again in a month:)