Saturday, February 26, 2011

From the mouths of babes...

Kai to his baby brother this morning: (intense with his hands on Grady's cheeks the whole time)

"Grady, you have to don’t run away from God. And you run away from God, just go back to God. Okay Grady? Understand? You have to be with God, little Grady! And you want to be with Jesus, you always be with him all the time. Understand? God’s in our hearts. Every time you want to be with him, Jesus will be in your heart, anytime you want. Understand? Every time Jesus wants to be with you! Understand? God wants to be with you in our hearts. I know you can do this Grady, you have to be with God, don’t run away from God! Understand?"

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Monday, February 21, 2011

Sweet Smiles...

I have had the hardest time capturing one of Grady's smiles on camera. He is smiling so much now and is such a happy baby...however, when I take a picture it doesn't do it justice. This kid just melts my heart! Here are a few...
"Mom, your hilarious" face.

Silly face:)

This one is my favorite and is the closest to the real thing I could get:)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Quote, Unquote

At the market Kai was enthralled at watching the butcher chop into the skull of a cow head...this rather disgusting site was made considerably more innocent when Kai began singing Old McDonald Had a Cow, Eeay eeay O.

Callie and I were talking about how Elisa says she sees heaven when she looks in Grady’s eyes (they are not used to blue eyes here). I look over and Kai is squatted down looking at Grady really hard. I asked him what he was doing and he looked up and said “I don’t see any heaven in there.”

During church service Kai was coloring in the back with some of the kids. He came and showed us his picture which he had colored really well and he had written his name on the top and bottom. The bottom one was really neat and so we asked him if he had done it himself or if Pastora had written it. He said “She didn’t write it, what, are you crazy? I wrote it.”

Tonight driving home Kai fell out of the motorcar. That’s right. Fell out. We have construction all over where we live and had to take a terrible route to get to the house. We were going over a bump and jolted the taxi pretty hard. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Kai get jerked out of this seat and out of the moto. He fell onto his back (thankfully missed his head) and flipped backwards into a ditch. My heart dropped and I started to get out to grab him but realized I had Grady in my arms. Tyson jumped off the moto, picked him up, asked him if he was okay and told him to run across the street to the house. He ran across the street and waited on the sidewalk for us. We parked and he looked at us and said “Now I have to take a shower.” So, praise the Lord he was just dirty and not hurt at all! He said he wasn’t scared and Tyson said it was scary for us. Kai replied “Well, it was scary for you but it wasn’t scary for me.” Putting him to bed tonight he said “I am not glad that I fell in that mud tonight.” I told him I wasn’t glad either, but I was glad he didn’t get hurt. “Yeah”, he said “that was so not stinking awesome!” I am pretty sure I would have freaked out if that happened to me…I am thankful for such a take it in stride kid!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Grady is 2 months old!

Hey little buddy. I can’t believe you are two months old. Time is flying and you are getting so big. You love to eat and sleep and your size shows it. The ladies here in Peru tell me you are “grandote”. We took you to the doctor today and these were the results:
Weight- 11 lbs 13oz, 50%
Length- 23 inches, 40%
So, you may be big to the ladies here in Peru, but in the States you would be pretty normal:)

You are getting your own little personality now. You have been smiling for a while, but now we get to see them more often. I also notice that you smile with your eyes like your Daddy. So, sometimes you may not be smiling with your mouth but I see that little sparkle in your eye. I love it and wish I knew what you were thinking:) You have beautiful blue eyes that are getting bluer every day. I love your hair. It is a golden brown color but must have a red tint to it because it always looks red in pictures. My favorite is when it is wet or sweaty because you get these great little curls. You are beginning to coo and talk more now, although all and all you are still pretty quiet. Unless you are hungry, or tired or in need of a diaper change, that is. Then we all hear plenty from you! There’s no messing around with you, when it’s time to eat, it’s time to eat! You love your big brother and put up with him smothering you and kissing you and poking you constantly. I would not describe you as a fragile infant anymore so I am a little less protective now…you are holding your own pretty well. Grady, you are so strong! You hold your head up so well and love being on your belly. You scoot around a lot on your belly too, constantly moving your legs. You always want to be standing. When you are in the front pack and I am sitting you always stand on my legs so your head bobs up and down. You love riding in the mototaxi, as soon as it starts up you are quiet and looking around or asleep right away. It is quite a bumpy ride, but you don’t seem to mind a bit! You are sleeping at night about 7 or 8 hours straight which I am happy about. You are still eating every 3 hours during the day. People love to check you out wherever we go. You are always getting strangers kissing you or wanting to hold you and giving Mommy advice on how to care for you (blog post coming soon). Our team loves you and there is always someone to hold you when they are around:)

There's that look...seriously, what are you thinking?

You have brought us so much joy in just these two short months. We love you so much Grady Zane!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011