Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What are you?

This weekend our friends had a costume party. It has been a long time since I have dressed up but we all managed to pull something together. I was Miss Scarlett...in the dining room...with the candle stick. Tyson was the Tide Army guy from the Tide stick commercial. And Kai was...well, I'm sure you can tell by the picture...isn't it obvious? He is a used Q-tip of course! No way could we let him be something sweet and cute...weird and clever is what Tyson went for:) Here are some pictures from our night:

Monday, October 22, 2007

Little Farmer Boy?

We had a little get together with some of the young married couples in our church on Saturday. They all went to the pumpkin patch (which we missed) and then over to someone's farm to carve the pumpkins and hang out. The kids had fun playing with some of the toy tractors. Kai LOVED riding on the tractor as Daddy pushed him around. Here are a few pictures of our growing boy.

On Sunday after church we went shopping together. I realized this was the first time we had been out of McMinnville as a family for a while since Tyson works Saturdays and we treasure our Sundays as a family. It was fun to do a little clothes shopping but (thankfully) we didn't find much. Tyson was very patient as I wandered around the store like I was lost...I don't know how to shop anymore! It was mostly just fun to be out and about together. We had dinner at this fun little noodle place and Kai had fun in the high chair playing with anything he could reach and playing the drums on the table. I realized he had never had just plain water before so we gave him some out of the straw which he had fun with. It was just a fun time together with my boys and I am so very thankful for them!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Kai is Six Months Old

I can't believe our boy is already six months old...it has gone so fast! He is doing so well and is just so much fun. He is sitting up really well and is great on his tummy...he is not crawling yet but does a lot of "swimming" motions like he would like to go somewhere. He is interested in everything and is constantly reaching for everything so he can put it in his mouth. Yesterday he had his six month doctors appointment. He had six shots and did so well. I think he was trying to be extra tough because Daddy was there. He cried less then he had the last two times. He continues to grow although he has moved down a little on the charts. They said this is normal for breast-fed babies because they are starting to be more interested in the world around them than food. That is definitely true with Kai.
Here are his "stats":
weight: 17lbs 1oz, 38% (he has gained exactly 10 lbs since he was born...and moved up 10%)
height: 26.5 inches, 49%

Here are some pictures I took of him today!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Pictures from our trip

Airplanes, Family & Chico, California

After Georganne's visit Kai and I headed down to Chico, CA to visit my family. It worked perfectly because she was able to take us to the airport on her way home. That's right, airport, Kai's first airplane ride. He did so well and was just a joy to travel with! Here is a picture of him on the plane! And don't be deceived, he only slept about 20 minutes on the way there and not at all on the way home. The rest of the time he was bouncing around on my lap...but at least not crying!

We flew into Sacramento and then headed to Chico to my sisters. Vicky had not seen Kai since he was born and Jaylee (my niece) hadn't seen him since he was three weeks old. My mom drove down to spend the week with us as well. We had a great time just hanging out and catching up...and of course Kai kept us entertained. We went to visit Chico Christian School where Vicky teaches third grade and Jaylee is a seventh grader. Vicky showed Kai off to her class as well as the kids she had last year that were faithful in praying for me during my pregnancy. I was also excited to go to watch one of Jaylee's volleyball games. It is her first year but she is doing great! We went to Bidwell Park a few times to walk around, a huge, beautiful park in the middle of Chico. Other highlights were hearing a missionary from Cairo speak at Vicky's church, the farmer's market and In 'n Out Burger (yum!). It was a great trip and a so fun to catch up with everyone. Love you guys!

Above is a slideshow from our weekend.

Asking For Help

I can do it myself! My mother heard those words from her little girl's lips repeatedly as a child. I was a stubborn and independent child and that has continued into my adulthood. I have made a step in a different direction. This last month the last six months of being a mom, wife and employee all at the same time caught up with me. I felt overwhelmed that I was getting behind at work as that had never been the case before. Tyson caught me on the way home from work and once I verbalized it to him I realized I needed to ask for help. And, I needed to ask for it now, if I waited even an hour my stubborn "I can do it myself" would come back. So, I made a call to Tyson's mom. She has always been so willing and has offered to help many times and I finally took her up on her offer. Last Monday (after an extremely busy week herself), Georganne graciously came down to stay with Kai while I put in a few full days in the office. What a blessing! I was able to catch up on a lot of things and not have my focus divided on work and Kai. He is always such a good boy in the office but he can only handle playing on the floor in my cubicle for so long. It was so wonderful to get caught up and also for Kai to get to spend time with his grandma! So, hopefully I am learning to ask for help more often and next time I won't wait so long! Thank you Georganne for having such a willing heart and for taking such good care of Kai! He had a great time and hopefully you did too:)

I wish I had some pictures of their time together but since I was at work most of the time I don't. But, I do have a picture of Kai playing in my cubicle so just imagine him having way more fun!

I am also going to include a picture of him playing with his new toy grandma got him...he loves it!