Friday, May 23, 2008


We are in St. George, Utah right now enjoying a wonderful vacation with our family (Tyson's side). We flew into Vegas to 106 degree heat only to have cold and rain a couple days later. Despite the crazy weather we are having an amazing time. The place we are staying is beautiful and perfect for all of us. We have done a few hikes and spent yesterday in Zion National Park. It is truly beautiful here...a different kind of beauty from the Northwest but still beautiful. The only sad part of our vacation is that Uncle Troy is not able to be here. We are still hoping he may be able to make it for part of it but we are not sure. We miss you Uncle Troy! We have a couple more days here and than a night in Vegas before flying home. Here are a few pictures we have taken...I have tons of scenery pictures and realized it was too many for me to pick from right now so I will have to post some of those when we get home.

Kai enjoying the one hot day we had on Daddy's back on a hike.
Daddy & Kai in Zion
This is one of my favorite pictures of all time of all of us...we are at the top of a hike in Zion
Kai playing on the playground at the resort. Gramma & Pa in the background watching

Sunday, May 18, 2008

1984 wants its party back!

Last night we had a super fun combined birthday party for Tyson, Caitlin and Matt. We had an '80s theme, a white elephant gift exchange and a great game of Bag of Nouns. It was a fun time with great costumes!

Hot Hot Hot!

It has been super hot here the last few days but today is but not ridiculous. We have been creative in ways to keep cool with our air conditioner not working...filling Kai's baby bathtub with cool water on the deck was one of the best. It kept him entertained and cool! My favorite thing we did is take our mattress out on the back deck and sleep outside...Kai's room stays cool downstairs but Tyson and my room is hot. It was so fun to sleep under the stars yet have a bathroom so close:) No pictures of sleeping outside but here are some of Kai getting to splash his little heart out!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day!

Today was a fun day spent with my amazing family. I am so blessed to be the mom to such a wonderful little boy and the wife to my amazing husband. I was spoiled this Mother's Day with the gift of a new camera. I am so excited as I love photography and, of course, any pictures of my little boy. Now I have a camera that can actually keep up with him:) After church and a nap for Kai we went on a wonderful hike, enjoyed each others company, tried out the new camera and got some fresh air. The hike went past a little lake by a meadow and then up the stream to a beautiful waterfall. Kai loved throwing rocks in the water and running around by the lake. It was such a fun day together. Here are a few (or lots) of pictures from our all the pictures look amazing with the new camera but I will hopefully learn to be more picky:)

Boys at the Park

Our friends Jeff, Kari and Dutch stopped by on Saturday night which was a wonderful treat for us. We were able to visit for a little while as our boys played at the park. Dutch is just a few months older than Kai and it is so fun to see them play together. Thanks friends for stopping by...come again soon!

Friday, May 9, 2008


Kai has figured out how to blow, so that means the whistle he has previously just carried around and sucked on occasionally is now bound to make some noise. We got some video right as Kai was realizing he could make some loud noises with it and he was pretty proud of himself. Do I see a little coach in our future?

Riding with Daddy

Tyson has been wanting to get a bike seat for Kai so they can ride together. We finally found a bike seat (Wal-Mart...the last place we look) and then had to search for a helmet that would fit his little head. We got one last night and Daddy was excited to finally take his boy on a ride. Kai seemed to have fun, although he is not the biggest fan of the helmet. He kept trying to take it off but was eventually distracted by all the fun he was having:)

Monday, May 5, 2008

The Zoo

It was the perfect day for the zoo! It was just warm enough for sunblock but not warm enough to make you sweat....a beautiful spring day! Kai loved looking at the animals and running around when we came to lots of grass! He kept pointing to everything and made lots of oooo sounds:)

Kai loved the goats because it was an animal he could finally get his hands on. And get his hands on it he did...check out this video...this poor little goat was very patient with this curious little boy!

Kai had so much fun and did so well for not having a nap all day. He is such a trooper and such a ball of fun! About 2 minutes after we got in the car he was fast asleep!

A Fun Saturday

Two weekends ago Kai and I got a special treat. A Saturday with Daddy! I was going up to my some friends' bridal shower up in Portland and had a babysitter all set up for Kai. I was telling Tyson I wished I could somehow take Kai with me and take him to the zoo afterwards. Tyson thought about it for about two seconds and decided that he would take the day off and go with us. I canceled the babysitter and we headed out for the day.
I was able to celebrate the upcoming weddings of two ladies, Erin & Katy with a double shower. It was great to see old friends and catch up. Not only did we have two friends getting married but I found out there were 5 other girls that were pregnant! Very exciting, congrats to all!
Here are the beautiful brides-to-be with weddings only a week apart!

Jeannie, Erin & I:)

While I was at the shower Tyson and Kai hung out together and entertained themselves before picking me up and then we headed to the zoo! Such a fun day!