Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kai keeps me laughing...

"Mom, I thirsty for juice, like Superman."

"Dad, I carry you." (what he really means is Dad, you carry me...but always says it backwards which makes me laugh:)

Rock a baby

What Kai says after every shower---I am thankful he still wants to be wrapped up and rocked even for a minute:)

"I wanna rock a baby in the tree top when the wind blows the cradle will fall...yes?"

Papito, Mamita

"Papito, Papito, quiero elefante."

He got this one from his friend, Jhim and now Kai calls our pastor (Jhim’s dad) Papito.

He has also proceeded to call me Mamita more than Mom over the last 3 days.

I learned from his teachers that:

Kai WILL NOT speak English to them in school…even when they try to get him too.

They also asked him: "Kai, de donde eres?" (Where are you from)…to which Kai responded: "Arequipa."

Kai has been very interested in babies lately. The other day we were out at a church across the river and Kai kept going up to this lady who was holding her baby and putting out his arms saying “quiero bebe”. He really, really wanted to hold that baby and kept giving the mom these “please” eyes for about 5 minutes. And can you believe it, she almost handed him over at one point (and I promptly intervened).

Yesterday he saw a baby and I asked him if he wanted to play with her. He answered: "Yes, we have baby in the States." Apparently we can add that to the list of things to do when we go home...right behind seeing the Blue Angels which is what he normally says when talking about "the States".

I love you

Kai has had the hardest time saying "I love you". I couldn't understand it because he seriously must have heard that phrase more than any other in his life...we tell him a lot! But for some reason he would say it back and it sounded like "A wab blah" or some sort of gibberish like that. Well, he has finally been saying it and pronouncing it well...and the best part is he just randomly looks at me and says it "Mom, (or Mamita) I love you", usually with a squeeze or kiss to follow. Seriously melts my heart. *sigh*

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Kai's school had a parade to celebrate the first week of Spring! Since he had to have a parent with him...and that parent also had to dress up, Tyson offered to go with him and come up with the costumes. He decided on a boat. So, he and Kai worked for a couple different days constructing their boat and practicing rowing together.
I'm not sure that Tyson gave me permission to post this picture minus shirt...but it is so cute of them I had you have to get the idea of what they were planning:)
Yesterday was the big day and they put on their matching outfits (they were tourists in the boat...seemed fitting). Unfortunately the way the trucks were set up they could not be in their boat but it sat proudly on the top of the truck. Kai didn't seem to disappointed---getting to throw candy at...I mean to people seemed to make up for it:)

And now we have a great cardboard boat to keep Kai entertained for the next week...yipee!
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Friday, September 11, 2009

Skinned Knees and Improvising

Kai skins his knees constantly I think...something I just figure is normal for a little boy. He refuses to wear bandaids so he just continues to hit them so they take forever to heal. I asked him last time if he would wear a bandaid if it had Thomas or Cars on it...I tried looking for some but all they had here was Tinker Bell;) So the other night Kai fell again and I asked him if we could put a bandaid on it. His answer was "A Thomas Bandaid...maybe?" So, I improvised and with my terrible artistic skills tried drawing some trains on a bandaid with sharpies. It apparently did the trick because he actually let me put it on. Yeah, I was pretty proud of myself. Unfortunately he took it off about 10 minutes later...but hey, it worked for a while:)

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Psalm 118:1

Last night before bed:

Me: Kai, let's pray and thank God for our day.
Kai: silence
Me: Thank you God...
Kai (interupting): Give thanks to the Lord for He is good, his love endures forever!
Me: silence

My heart was filled with joy realizing Kai had not only remembered the verse but used it on his own during prayer to his Lord. What a blessing to hear God's Word on the lips of our son!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I don't know you talking about!

The other day I was in the other room and heard Kai yelling something out the window in the living room. I walked in and realized he was yelling at the man selling stuff on the street. We have these vendors who wheel carts down the streets and talk into these megaphones rambling the things they are selling. I can never understand them and it sounds like so sort of call to war to me but I've gotten used to it. What made me laugh is what Kai was yelling out the window-- "I don't know you talking about!", "I don't know you talking about!"--over and over he was yelling this at the top of his lungs down to the street. It was so cute because it was like he thought the guy was talking just to him and he was seriously concerned about not being able to understand him:)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Kai is growing and changing so quickly. I realized we have not kept track of his growth since he no longer has regular doctor checkups. But, this last week we took him to the doctor for his first case of jungle fungus. Okay, not really. He just had a little rash on this head that I am pretty sure is from 4 thousand people touching his head and face the last Sunday. He also had a goopy eye which we were told was from swimming in a public pool. Lovely. We were given medicine and it is much better now. But, while we were at the doctor we got an update on Kai's measurements so here they are (I looked up the percentanges online so they were very vauge):
37.7 inches 75-90%
30 lbs 14oz 50-75%
In other milestones he can count to 10 in English & Spanish, sings and remembers lots of songs, can express his excitement, wants, and frustrations quite well verbally (although he still resorts fits at times). Sometimes he makes up stories about something that didn't actually happen or exaggerates things that did happen. He has a few Bible verses memorized and can at least mostly say them when prompted with a few words. He loves to be read to and can finish the last word or two on any page in most of his books. This month he has mostly wanted to read his Dr. Seuss books so he requests "Two Fish" (One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish) or "Two Ham" (Green Eggs & Ham). He can run, jump, karate chop, kick soccer balls, and climb just about anything. He is crazy, fast and active, but he can also be cuddly and loving. We love this kid and are so thankful the Lord has placed him in our arms to care for. It is a joy to watch him grow and learn and change and express himself. It is a challenge to teach and guide him...a challenge that stretches and grows me right along side him so much that I realize that being a parent is as much a tool God uses to pull us closer to Him as it is for us to guide Kai closer to our Lord and I am thankful for that!
We love you Kai!