Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Release of the Turtles...

So all week I kept telling Kai we were going to put the turtles back in their home in the river and he would adamently tell me he didn't want to do that. In the end it was a combination of the smell and my fear that Kai was going to badly hurt (accidentally kill) the little things. He really did try to be gentle but he would just have these moments of being the rough little boy that he is.
So, yesterday we headed out with Tyson and Andrew who were going rowing in a canoe and released Crush and Jellyman back into the wild. It was a great lesson for Kai really and we talked a lot the last couple days about why we were doing it. That because Kai loved them so much we were going to do what we best for them and that was putting them in the river. He held them on the way to the river in the taxi (I put them in socks) and then he is the one that actually put them in the water. We were very proud of him! It was hard for him but he didn’t cry and I think he really did understand that he was doing what would make the turtles happy. He put the first one in the water with no trouble…I think he actually thought it was kind of cool. But then he realized it wasn’t coming back…so the next one was a little harder. He started to put it in…and then pulled it back and looked at me and said “I no want put Jellyman in the river”. I wasn’t going to take it from him and do it so we waited for Kai to be ready and again explained that it would be better for the turtle and then Kai bravely put him in the water. He had a pretty sad face on afterward but no crying:) We kept telling him how proud we were of him and I think in the end he was proud of himself as well. All in all it was fun adventure while it lasted for the one short week and Kai was able to learn a little about unselfishness I think. So the turtles are free and we are turtle free...yay!

starting to put it in the river...

a little coaxing needed...

and finally...he lets him go...

We are proud of you were a very big boy!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kai's First Pets

So this Sunday as we were eating lunch in a restaurant and nice man came up to us and showed us a couple baby turtles he had for sale. How cute. He put them on Kai's highchair tray (we were actually done with our food at this point) and began to tell us what great pets they make, how they don't smell, how Kai would love them and never want another toy, how Kai couldn't possible kill them on account of their really hard shells, how they don't smell, how we could take them with us to Puerto because there it is okay to take one or two on an airplane just not more than that, how they don't smell, how you only need to clean there tank once week and how they have no smell what-so-ever.
Kai fell in love with them, we fell in love with the idea of Kai getting to have a pet...and I figured of all the jungle pets he may want in the next two years--snakes, gross insects, crocodiles, monkeys...I could handle a couple baby turtles. Basically, we got suckered in...
So now, we have two baby turtles living in our laundry room in a big plastic tub that Tyson and Kai made into a home for them with sand and plants and water. Kai loves them and has named them Crush and Jellyman--thank you Finding Nemo. The problem for me, the BIG problem is that whole part about them not smelling. Because. They. Do. We have cleaned their water not once a week. But. Every. Day. And still, they smell. So, we are currently on day 5 of having these precious baby turtles and I am making plans for a "Send Crush & Jellyman Back To Their Other Turtle Friends in the River" Day coming up soon. I know, I'm a terrible mom...I'm a terrible pet owner and I should have remembered that...I don't like pets. As cute as they are I think we would all be better off if they were where they are supposed to be. In. The. Amazon.
So there you go...the story of Kai's first pets...a story I am hoping will end soon...I'll keep you posted. In the meantime here are some pictures of our boy loving his baby turtles. They are cute. Just not cute enough to make up for the smell.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Our Little Artist

This Sunday during Sunday School I noticed Kai coloring differently. It was very intentional coloring and drawing--different from the scribbling of before. When we got home he went to the white board we had up from our meeting the week before and began drawing again. He again was very intentional and told us the different things he was drawing--a crocodile, an airplane, a dinosaur. I feel like he hit a milestone and needed to document so here you go. This last week he has spent a lot of time at the board and in fact is there right now;)
I know, to you it still looks like scribbling...but to this Mommy...a masterpiece!


Kai got a package from my mom this last week with TONS of Thomas stuff. I thought I would post a couple pictures of him enjoying my favorite part...the Thomas sheets. Before Kai had some flowered sheets from here--not my favorite--not so much because of the flowers...but because the fabric was so itchy. These are much better and Kai is a bit more excited about bedtime now...thanks Grandma Julie!