Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Father's Day Weekend

We had a wonderful Father's Day weekend with Tyson's parents...now known as Nana and Pa. They had a great time playing with Kai and making him laugh lots!

Saturday morning was wonderful as it was the first night Kai slept officially all the way through the night and we had to wake him up at 7:30 am...it was a nice change:) We spent the day hanging out and preparing for a garage sale we are having next weekend. Saturday evening we went to an event at the air museum and IMAX Theater. We were able to see an really cool IMAX film about fighter pilots...Fighter Pilot---Operation Red Flag. After the film we had a wonderful dinner among all the planes in the museum and were able to hear a pilot from Oregon's National Guard speak about flying and the making of the film. It was fun evening.
The next day was Father's Day and we headed to church. We had Kai dedicated at church and it was very special to have Nana and Pa there. We had a nice brunch after church and got some family pictures.
The Smith Men

Our Family
Daddy and Son

Thanks Wayne and Georganne for a wonderful weekend and thank you for raising a wonderful God-fearing son. Tyson is a wonderful husband and an amazing dad to Kai. Thank you Tyson for taking such good care of us, making us laugh and being an example of Christ's love. We love you Daddy!
Tracy & Kai


Tammy & Jeremy said...

Great photos. Glad you had a Happy Father's Day weekend Tyson! Ours was superb too:)

Shannon said...

Yeah! I am so excited that you have a blog now- it's the best way to stay in touch. Kai is so cute and we can't wiat to meet him. Love you guys!


Mac's said...

Hey, that Kai looks just like a McKellar. Go figure!! He is extra handsome, just like his Great Uncle Kent.
You guys look great and we can't wait to meet Kai and see you again.
Love, Uncle K