Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sweet Prayers

Kai has begun praying lately and it is the sweetest thing. There is nothing I would rather hear than my son talking to his Heavenly Father. They usually go something like this:
It's Jesus, It's Jesus, It's Jesus (he repeats this until he gets his thoughts together I could either be "yes Jesus, or dear Jesus", but it sounds like "it's Jesus"...then he goes into to thanking God for people and things...
Thank you Daddy, thank you Mommy, thank you Kai, thank you (from here is varies....Boppa, Pa, Grandma Julie, the 40/40s...and anyone else who might randomly pop into his mind). He also thanks God for random things like--Thomas engine, big Thomas (yes he has two), bed, arms, trucks...and so on. He always ends his prayers with a hearty "Amen"!
It is precious and each night I leave his bedroom amazed at his sweet little heart and his ability to express us and to His Lord!

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