Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Our Little Artist

This Sunday during Sunday School I noticed Kai coloring differently. It was very intentional coloring and drawing--different from the scribbling of before. When we got home he went to the white board we had up from our meeting the week before and began drawing again. He again was very intentional and told us the different things he was drawing--a crocodile, an airplane, a dinosaur. I feel like he hit a milestone and needed to document so here you go. This last week he has spent a lot of time at the board and in fact is there right now;)
I know, to you it still looks like scribbling...but to this Mommy...a masterpiece!


Tammy Williams said...

Looks like a masterpiece to me!

Aunt Vicky said...

The stages of art development that every child goes through is one of the things that facinates me. In my courses for teaching the art was my favorite. Kai looks like he is "way" advanced for his age...but then that's his aunt talking:) I am sure there is quite a story behind it too!