Friday, March 19, 2010

First day of School (again)

Kai had his first day of school last week. Okay, his 4th ¨first day of school¨ in this last year (and 4th school), but this was his first real first day of school. You know, when all the other kids are crying and screaming for their parents too. Yes, it was glorious and my kid put up a good fight, I didn’t know whether to be embarrassed or proud. All in all he did better his next day and I think he really does like it even if he is not running in to the arms of his teachers every day yet. The first couple weeks we sent him every day so he could get used to it but now we will only do 3 days a week. It is great for him as he is the type that NEEDS to be around other people and loves other kids and it will really help him with his Spanish. When I asked him how it was his first day he said: ¨Good. The bad guy took the ball and a kid kissed me.¨Sweet.


Erin said...

Seriously too cute, and definitely too big. I also love all the bright decor and pictures! Cannot wait to see you!!!

dotcomkari said...

I was shocked to come across this blog! my son's name is also Kai.. and oddly enough our last name is also SMITH !

So nice to have met you and your Kai! :) he is surely a cutie pie! :)