Thursday, April 8, 2010

Growing UP

We celebrated Kai's 3rd birthday last Friday! We asked him what kind of a birthday he wanted and he mostly answered "with frosting". Once he understood he would get a cake with frosting no matter what he named lots of other things...but the one that kept coming up was "a house cake". He likes the movie up so we finally figured out that is what he wanted. Tyson designed the 3D cake and was huge in making it wasn't the prettiest but Kai loved it and it tasted delish! We had a few of his friends over, our team and the pastors family. It was a fun party and the first one were he has really understood and anticipated it so it was special. I have a mission things to say about how he has grown up and how proud I am of him...but that will have to wait for another time. We love you Kai, Happy Birthday!

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Morgan Sexton said...

Im reading your blogs and im tearing up every other second, Tracy you are just about the greatest person I have seen in a long time. I almost forgot how happy life could be, but im happy for you and Kai is soo cute.

Grandma Jo said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAI!!! Isn't the 3rd birthday the best??? Has always been my favorite.Great job on the "UP" cake! What a great idea. So excited to see your fam in Eburg soon! Hopefully Pa and Boppa will share you with us for a few minutes:) Safe travels and God bless!