Thursday, May 13, 2010


We spent a few (way too fast) days in the Portland/McMinnville area and it was wonderful. We visited our friends Jeff & Kari and it was so fun to see Kai and Dutch play together...and think back to the days when they used to only lay next to eachother as infants. I spent the evening with my friends Erin & Jeannie while Tyson went to a concert with friends. I was ubber (yes, ubber) excited to meet Erin's baby girl, Hazel...cutie! We headed down to Mac the next day where we got family pictures (will post another day) and had a wonderful night sharing at our church about Peru. We feel so blessed to have so much support and encuragement from our church. On Saturday we had a wonderful time catching up with friends at a BBQ the Van Dykes put on for us...thank you guys! Sunday we shared at all 3 services at church and Tyson enjoyed some golfing with the guys while I took a Mother`s Day nap!

Erin and I and our kiddos!

Tys and the guys at the BBQ

Kai & Dutch...crazy boys!

Erin, Jeannie & I...just

Thank you friends for such a wonderful weekend...miss you already!

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Erin said...

It was so great to see you!! Come back soon :) We love you!