Thursday, November 25, 2010

Kai's first school play

Kai was in his first school play the night before we left for Arequipa. I was a bit stressed that week as we were preparing to leave for 5 weeks which meant get our house ready to leave, pack everything we would need, prepare everything the 40/40s would need while we were gone on top of all our normal stuff. Then, Kai has a play in which he needs a costume. In my head I thought I should make the I was trying to think of how to make a pajarito (little bird) but kept putting it off. Finally I decided I would just rent a costume...even if it was was worth being done with one more thing on the list. I went and checked it out and it ended up being about $4 to rent it...way less than I could of made one for. And, on the night of the play I saw that everyone else had rented theirs too...I was pretty happy I wasn't the gringa mom that had glued some feathers to a baseball cap:)

My second area of concern was Kai actually doing it. This kid is an entertainer and loves to make us laugh, etc, however, he is not always prone to do it on cue. We let him wear his costume around the house the night before and he practiced being a little bird. The night of the play he did awesome and we were so proud of him! The play was about the 3 little birds that couldn't fly. Kai was one of the 3 little birds and there were also lions and butterflies. This was also his last day of school so he said good bye to his teacher. We have been super happy with the school and have watched Kai learn a lot in the past months. Below are some pics of the big night!

Kai picked out flowers to give his teacher...

Kai as a pajarito

He class on stage...

This was my favorite. The teacher was narrating the story and she said "there were 3 little birds who couldn't fly..." Kai raised his hand and said "Yo puedo volar!" (I can fly)..

Then he proceeded to show everyone:)

We are proud of you buddy...he makes a cute little bird:)

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