Sunday, March 6, 2011

Grady is 3 Months Old!

Sweet Grady Zane. You turned 3 months old this past week. You are growing so fast and are such a happy baby. If you are ever fussy it is almost always for a reason…the main one being that you want attention. You could be fussy but then as soon as one of us walks over and looks down at you, you give a giant smile. And with that I am happy to stay and stop what I am doing to be with you. You are talking/cooing/singing/gurgling so much now and I love hearing your sweet little voice. You melt my heart sweet boy!

You are also entertained by the little lion Kai got you for Christmas…for a while there you were as happy with him as you were with me…but now are beginning to prefer actual people:)

What else? You eat (what seems to be) all the time but are sleeping well too. You will, however, only sleep on your stomach (and I have given in … its the least dangerous thing we do in a day here), or attached to Mommy bouncing around like crazy in a moto…or while eating:)

You adore your big brother and he adores you. At this point I see that most of the time he doesn’t stay still long enough for you to actually focus on him. So, you are mostly seeing flashes and blurs of him coming in and out of your sight, giving your kisses and hugs or staring you in the eyes ½ inch from your face before running off again. You handle it all well:) And, when he does slow down enough you give him big smiles and laughs. Today I watched him sing to you and talk to you softly (for him) for a whole 5 minutes. You were crying and his singing made you stop. It was very sweet. I know he can’t wait for you to be bigger so there will be two flashes and blurs running around!

You make lots of different faces and we love them all!

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Erin said...

It's a toss up...either the top left or bottom left for best picture ever!