Monday, July 4, 2011

Grady is 7 Months

Grady you are 7 months old and your personality is coming out! You are a bit impatient, focused on what you want, very persistent, constantly moving and always have a smile for anyone who gives you a bit of attention. I saw your first fit when I didn't shovel food into your mouth fast enough:) I see your focus and persistence now that you are mobile...I can direct you other ways over and over, but you do not forget what you were wanting to get at. You catch my eye across the room and give the biggest, sweetest smile. You adore your brother, and he adores you. He is in your face and it would drive me crazy, but you are all smiles and giggles when it comes to Kai. I love you sweet boy (and feel free to stop moving so much. At. Any. Time.)

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