Thursday, August 4, 2011

Grady is 8 months

You are eight months old buddy! You continue to grow and change. This month you are moving all over the place. I have stopped trying to keep you off the are just too quick and too curious. Your knees are getting tough and so it your head, but nothing can stop you. One of your favorite things is balls (especially the one in the pictures below). You love holding them, rolling them, and chasing them! You also love Cherrios. You are eating a few different finger foods now but Cherrios are the go to food. Food is only thing that keeps you still and quiet. Speaking of are NOT that. This month you are really, really loud. You scream a lot. Sometimes you are just happy, sometimes (often) you want more food, all sorts of things...but all very loud and very similar screams. Happy or sad, you have no problem expressing yourself:) A couple weeks ago you got one top far, no sign of the other. You also have a great tan happening. I promise, no baby spray tan here, and we aren't even in the sun that much, but you are a tan little baby. And getting taller all the time! Grady, I love your squeals, giggles and yes, even the screams. You have a smile that melts our hearts and your sweet little personality brings us so much joy! We love you sweet boy!

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