Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Creeping Along

So yesterday I put Kai on his tummy for "tummy time" while I was making dinner. I was hoping he would roll over but instead when I checked on him a couple minutes later I noticed he was moving off his mat I took a series of pictures to show his progress. He was getting pretty mad towards the end...hence the red face...but he did a good job of struggling through it and in the end he moved about a foot. The madder he was the more his legs moved and inched him along. Here are the pics I took.
This photo is a reenactment of where I originally put him down
This is where he was when I first noticed he was movingAnd he kept moving...
Until he got really mad and I got the idea he was done:)

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Vicky said...

I love how you wrote that commentary to Kai, and it blesses the rest of us who don't get to see him everyday. Also, that life vest is just tooo cute. I guess it helps that the cutest 3 month old is wearing it:) I am a proud auntie. Thanks for sharing!