Monday, July 2, 2007

Tuffin' It Out

Everyday God amazes me through Kai. It's the small things...the new things he does, the smiles he makes, the way he wants to stand up (with our help of course) and show how strong he is, his perfect little fingers and toes and chubby get the idea. But it is also in the way he handles situations...really God has blessed us with a child who will basically suck it up. Two times this week we have been in situations that I thought for sure he was going to break down and cry or at least be really unhappy. After a softball game we were out to dinner and he was an hour past his normal feeding and bed time (and he hadn't slept for hours)...and he was so good...didn't even make a peep. That wasn't a huge deal, but one of those times that I left just remembering how blessed we are to have such a easy going baby. But last night was the kicker. We decided to go out on the river with some friends and one of our friends just happened to have an infant life jacket so Kai could come. Now, I hate wearing life jackets and just looking at him made me feel uncomfortorable...but again, he was a trooper. A few little squeaks at first, but then he just kicked back and relaxed. In fact...he loved it, especially when we went fast! And even when I again, went more than a hour after his normal feeding he hung in there. It is such a blessing to have a baby that lets us still do the things we love...I guess we would do it anyway but it would be a lot less fun if he was unhappy...and we probably wouldn't get invited back to things:) Anyway, thanks for letting me go on about him. I am some what using this blog to record stuff for Kai to read when he is older so there will be times I am writing more to him than anyone...and this is one of those times. Thanks Kai for being such a good boy and for having fun with Mommy and Daddy while we do the things we love! We love you son!

Here are some pictures from our evening on the river.

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Shannon said...

What a little cutie, and trooper. We are drooling to meet him and love the pics- that life-jacket is great! Love ya guys-