Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Asking For Help

I can do it myself! My mother heard those words from her little girl's lips repeatedly as a child. I was a stubborn and independent child and that has continued into my adulthood. I have made a step in a different direction. This last month the last six months of being a mom, wife and employee all at the same time caught up with me. I felt overwhelmed that I was getting behind at work as that had never been the case before. Tyson caught me on the way home from work and once I verbalized it to him I realized I needed to ask for help. And, I needed to ask for it now, if I waited even an hour my stubborn "I can do it myself" would come back. So, I made a call to Tyson's mom. She has always been so willing and has offered to help many times and I finally took her up on her offer. Last Monday (after an extremely busy week herself), Georganne graciously came down to stay with Kai while I put in a few full days in the office. What a blessing! I was able to catch up on a lot of things and not have my focus divided on work and Kai. He is always such a good boy in the office but he can only handle playing on the floor in my cubicle for so long. It was so wonderful to get caught up and also for Kai to get to spend time with his grandma! So, hopefully I am learning to ask for help more often and next time I won't wait so long! Thank you Georganne for having such a willing heart and for taking such good care of Kai! He had a great time and hopefully you did too:)

I wish I had some pictures of their time together but since I was at work most of the time I don't. But, I do have a picture of Kai playing in my cubicle so just imagine him having way more fun!

I am also going to include a picture of him playing with his new toy grandma got him...he loves it!

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