Saturday, January 26, 2008


Victory! I have been working with Kai on sign language since he was about 5 months old. Not every day mind you, but pretty often. I have only done "please" and "more". For a while there when I would ask him to say please he would throw a fit so I gave it a break for a while and then started up again. I have been working with "more" a lot lately and he has been getting close to doing it the last few days. He would take my hands and bring my fingers together and when I would take his hands he would put out his pointer fingers and I would put his hands together (I realize "more" is more like all fingers together but he seems to like to do the pointer finger so I am okay with that). Anyway, this morning I did it with him a few times and then he did it on his own...I was way excited and even got a picture! I know this is probably lame to some of you but you have to realize we have been working on this for 5 months now. There have been times I have just wanted to give up but I felt that I knew he could do it and that he would in fact be happier and less frustrated if we gave him a tool to communicate with us before he is able to speak. Also, this week my eyes have been open to how able he is to learn. I played the "eyes, nose, mouth, ears" game with him one night and then the next day I did it again with his Shrek doll. Then I asked him "where are Shrek's eyes"...thinking I would take his hand and point to them...but no, he pointed to his eyes...then I asked him to point to his nose and he did it. I was really amazed that he could do that...I'm sure that is probably normal about now but I, of course, think my son is a genius:) It did open my eyes to the fact that he is willing and able to learn stuff like that and so we have been doing more. It is just rewarding to work on things with him and see him learn and feel excited that he can do it. I know that this is the first of many things that I will watch him accomplish and I am praise God that I get to witness those little victories in his life.

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Kristen said...

That's great! I worked on some sign language with Belle when she was younger but she never seemed that interested... and I hardly ever worked on "more". Then, right around a year she would give me the sign for more and I was seriously wondering how that one stuck with her. Every now and then she'll whip out a please. However, "more" also means "I want food" and she'll follow it up by nodding her head, as if she's saying yes to herself. Kids are so funny!