Monday, May 5, 2008

A Fun Saturday

Two weekends ago Kai and I got a special treat. A Saturday with Daddy! I was going up to my some friends' bridal shower up in Portland and had a babysitter all set up for Kai. I was telling Tyson I wished I could somehow take Kai with me and take him to the zoo afterwards. Tyson thought about it for about two seconds and decided that he would take the day off and go with us. I canceled the babysitter and we headed out for the day.
I was able to celebrate the upcoming weddings of two ladies, Erin & Katy with a double shower. It was great to see old friends and catch up. Not only did we have two friends getting married but I found out there were 5 other girls that were pregnant! Very exciting, congrats to all!
Here are the beautiful brides-to-be with weddings only a week apart!

Jeannie, Erin & I:)

While I was at the shower Tyson and Kai hung out together and entertained themselves before picking me up and then we headed to the zoo! Such a fun day!

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