Monday, May 5, 2008

The Zoo

It was the perfect day for the zoo! It was just warm enough for sunblock but not warm enough to make you sweat....a beautiful spring day! Kai loved looking at the animals and running around when we came to lots of grass! He kept pointing to everything and made lots of oooo sounds:)

Kai loved the goats because it was an animal he could finally get his hands on. And get his hands on it he did...check out this video...this poor little goat was very patient with this curious little boy!

Kai had so much fun and did so well for not having a nap all day. He is such a trooper and such a ball of fun! About 2 minutes after we got in the car he was fast asleep!


Tammy & Jeremy said...

FUN! WE are taking the kids to the zoo for the first time on my birthday (the 18th). I figured that I should have a fun relaxing weekend with just my family for my 30th (EEK!) I know Maya will love it just as much as Kai! Can't wait.

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