Thursday, April 16, 2009


Lately Kai ends most sentences with: "K?" It is sort of like he is asking permission but at the same time telling us what he is going to do. He says the "k?" with this little inflection that makes it seem like what he is saying is very exciting and there is no possible way we could say no. "Mom, I touch this, k?", "I watch Nemo, k?", "We play soccer, k?" and my personal favorite (and the I hear most often from my extremely independent child) "Mom, I do it, k?" I could not figure out where he picked it up until a few days ago when I was getting ready to change Kai's diaper and found myself saying "Kai, we're going to change you now, k?" in a voice that was telling him what I was going to do...yet also making it sound like something fun and exciting...hmmm...apparently he picks up on those things:)
the hiding place Kai found in the desk the other day
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Kelly said...

Isn't it funny what they pick up, that you never knew you even say or do!?! LOL