Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Canopy Walk

On our jungle trip we went on a canopy walk. It sounded fun but I ddint' really know what to expect. Something off the ground, yes. But I also expected to be clipped in or something. But, I forgot we are in Peru, where safety is never on the forefront of anyones mind. The pictures don't really reveal the full height of this bridge but believe me, it was high. At the end of it we were in a little tree house/platform type area at the top of an enormous tree--more than 150 feet off the ground. The crazy thing is that Kai did this with us--just happy as could be in the backpack on Tyson's back. We asked our guide how many kids had done this--the only one other than Kai was his daughter! It was fun and beautiful and a great memory!

Family picture at the top

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