Wednesday, December 30, 2009


We had a wonderful time with Tyson´s family in the middle of December. It was so special to have time with family and it was especially wonderful for Kai to have his grandparents and auntie here! It has been a while since he had seen them but you would never know it: He snuck right past the security at the airport and ran into his Pa's arms--welcoming them all with huge hugs and kisses. It was a very sweet and special moment. Our time with everyone was precious and we treasured every minute of it. While they were here we went on a trip into the jungle and spent a few days in Cusco (see below). Thank you Boppa, Pa and Auntie T for coming to visit, for the gifts and goodies, the adventures and encouragement. We love you all and look forward to our next time together!

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