Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Kai woke up really sick last Tuesday morning with a high fever and diarrhea. It was the sickest I have seen him. Usually if he is sick he is still bouncing about or talking and I have to sort of remind him to rest. Not this time. He stayed in our bed the entire day sleeping or just laying there. The poor little guy was just lethargic. He fever got as high as 103 and at one point he was throwing up as well. Other than our bed he spent a lot of time on the toilet. So much that at one point I walked in and found him like this…and although he looked miserable I couldn’t pass up a picture.

He was obviously worn out. After his nap he was still really lethargic so we took him into the doctor. Wouldn’t you know it…while we were in the waiting room he began to perk right up. We think he had a case of food poisoning and after some medicine was back to himself. The next day he woke up with lots of energy and words….I asked Tyson if he was always like this or if he was just making up for yesterday:) Either way we were happy to see our boy back and healthy. We have praised the Lord many times for the way he has protected us here in Peru. Kai has been sick just a few times…I would expect more even living in the states, but here, there are so many things we don’t deal with in the US that I would have imagined we would have dealt with more. I know the Lord has been protecting Kai and I praise him for that!

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