Friday, June 3, 2011

Grady is 6 months old!

My sweet Grady Zane. You are six months old and you are growing and changing so fast. This month has brought lots of changes for us coming home to the States. You have adjusted to cold weather, car seats a new home and met lots of family. We have been all over Washington, down to Oregon and flown to California. It has been a crazy, wonderful month. You are rolling all over the place and are able to direct yourself to get across the room to exactly where you want to be. You are sitting up pretty well now...but I still put a few pillows behind you:) You also got your first two teeth this month and began eating solids the day before you turned 6 months. I lost most of our photos from this month so no great shots but here are a few of what you've been up to...
You and brother in car seats when we got picked up from the airport. There were lots of tears from both of you, but after a month you are doing much better:)
We went to see Boppa2 (your great-grandma) after we got off the airplane too
Playing with your big brother...

We love you sweet boy!

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