Saturday, June 25, 2011

Roomie Reunion!

Right after our week full of family we had a week full of friends. I lived with Erin, Jeannie and Miriam for a year 8 years ago and they are still my dearest friends. We have been in each others weddings, stayed in touch while spread out across the country...and countries and I am blessed so much by each of these ladies. We had not all been together in three years so we planned a roomie reunion while Mir was on the West Coast. Erin opened her home and we all (by all, I mean husbands and kids as well) stayed at her house. It was lots of people and lots of fun! It was so fun to meet Miriam's daughter Mabel and get to see how much Erin's daughter, Hazel has grown since I saw her a year ago. We had a Father's Day BBQ, went to the beach, chased after and dogs, ate lots of food, had good talks, a few tears and lots of laughs. I can't describe how special this time was. Thank you ladies, I love you all dearly!

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