Saturday, February 2, 2008

Kai is Ten Months Old!

Kai is ten months old today. This month has been incredible. He is very much becoming his own little person and it is so fun to watch. He has such a funny personality and I find myself laughing quite a bit with him. He loves to make people laugh and has figured out how to do it! Lately he will crunch is little nose when he is smiling which is super cute...he also snorts sometimes which is funny. He waves bye bye and also says it sometimes...but only when he wants to of couse! He loves pointing at our eyes, nose and mouth and we are trying to teach him to be gentle...he is all boy! The other day I was tickling him and I showed him he can tickle me and make me laugh...he caught on quick so now when I tickle him he puts his hands on my tummy and I laugh...he loves it! He signs "more" but also just hits his tray a lot when he wants food. He really likes to hear himself and yells (sometimes not so sweet) and sings (very sweet noises).
He is able to walk better now but doesn't do it all the time...he know he can get places faster if he crawls and he has things to do and no time to waste! I have noticed that he has been trying to walk on his own a lot more these last couple days. This morning he walked back and forth from me to the ottoman about four times (about 10 steps) with out me prompting him...he is just doing it. So, I know it won't be long now before walking is the norm. He loves climbing stairs which is now a normal routine after each diaper change...I have found that if we are downstairs he heads right for the stairs but he is pretty good at obeying when I tell him to stop and wait for me...but not always! I have been trying to teach him how to go down the stairs but he is not into that...that would be going back and he just is off and going...his goal is the top! I did teach him the other day how to get off the couch...he was just trying to jump to me but now he will turn onto his tummy and slide down...but not all the time, he has no fear and still trys to jump to me sometimes! He loves being where we are and will follow us. He spends lots of time in the kitchen with me and has his own cupboard he likes to take everything out of. He also loves bathes lately and has realized he can SPLASH...and splash he does...for as long as he is in there his arms are just going crazy...I need a rain coat to bathe him!
Like I said, this month has been incredible. I know there is more but I just wanted to quickly get down what I could remember so he can look back and see all he learned this month. I guess that is just it...I am able to see him learn now and it is so fun to teach him and see him be able to do it, and see him be proud of himself for doing it. It is really a new kind of joy I have never felt before. And with that joy, of course, comes frustration. Because I see what he is capable of I know he is often doing things he is not supposed to on purpose, testing limits and seeing what I will do. We are working a lot on first time obedience, obeying right away and with a happy heart. This will be a work in progress for a long time I am sure but he does really well considering his age. I know it is normal to test limits, it is how he figures out his world so I pray I can have patience and be consitent with him. Kai is really such a precious little boy and we are so blessed. Like I said, the joy and love I feel for Kai is amazing, I love that God has grown the joy and love to override the frustrations...He is so good!
I thought a video would be fitting this month since Kai is all about action lately...I am working on it and hope to have it in the next couple big challenge at this point is figuring out how to get them off the camera...

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Tammy & Jeremy said...

I love the FIRSTS! I was such a proud mama when Maya walked for the first time. Declan giggled for the first time a few days ago and Maya has been saying lots of new words. I am still in shock that Kai is not so far away from his first birthday....TIME FLIES! Enjoy the baby stages because he may be like Maya in a few months....screaming non-stop...haha.