Thursday, February 28, 2008

Simple Entertainment

Kai is easily entertained this morning as I try to get some work done. Lately he LOVES playing with CDs. Now, this may not be super safe but I'm pretty sure he will be fine. Today he has made a game with a CD and the trash goes the CD...move the trash can to a new location...take the CD out and start over. He has been doing this for about 10 minutes now and it is great! Thank you Lord for a little boy who can entertain himself on those days that I need more than his naps to accomplish everything:)
(BTW, I did bring down real toys for him, but he prefers the CD and trash can...ha!)


Pink or Blue Booties said...

aww that is soo sweet! I always wonder what the little ones are thinking while they are playing their made up games! haha! he is soo adorable, loved showing my mom your blog when I was at home!

kari said...

I love his new haircut! I can totally see the difference so it's not just you :-). Very handsome!