Saturday, April 19, 2008


This is the picture I just took off of our deck. It is the middle of April and it is snowing. Boo! Last Saturday was the most beautiful day. My car read 81 degrees and although I'm sure it was not quite that warm it was definitely warm out. Kai and I had the most wonderful day playing outside, going to watch friends' soccer games (which made me very excited for a few years down the road when Kai is doing sports), going to a birthday party (outside), and going for a wonderful evening walk when Daddy got home. It was a gorgeous day and I even broke out the sunblock for Kai, I should have put some on myself as well as I came home that night with a little sunburn. Contrast that with today that is cold and snowing and just plain gross. Oh how I look forward to spring...wait, isn't it spring right now? Well, I look forward to warmer weather! Today Kai isn't feeling well and I have lots of housework to catch up on so I guess the cold weather is fine. I won't be tempted to go play outside:)

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Pink or Blue Booties said...

Well... it is snowing here too. It was beautiful last week, I had put away my jacket and everything. It has been snowing since Friday and isn't supposed to stop until Tuesday. YUCK!!! We already have over 5 inches. Man and I thought this was spring! haha!