Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Kai is 1 Year Old!!!

This year has flown by. It was a whole year ago that I was adjusting to life with a newborn. A newborn who lay quietly in my arms, barely ever made a peep, needed me for everything and who I loved from before I met him. Now that tiny baby is a little boy who is running, throwing balls (or anything he can get his hands on), babbling constantly, singing in a sweet voice or letting out a high pitched squeal and my love for him has grown as much as he has. He is defiant and stubborn at times but most of the time he is sweet and funny and the biggest blessing a mommy could ask for. My baby turned one last week and a year ago I could not imagine him so big, so independent or so amazing.
So far he has lived up to his name Malakai "My Messenger". God has taught me so much through this tiny child and I know He has so much more to teach me. He has shown me I am capable of patience I never imagined, yet I am so far from where I need to be. I have so many areas to grow as a child of the Lord, as a wife, as a mother, as a friend. Thank you, Lord, for the patience you show me and may I in turn show that to others, especially my husband and son.
A few of Kai's favorite things as he turns 1:

  • Balls...he LOVES throwing things and has a great arm!
  • Bathtime--as you can tell from the video in an earlier post, Kai has no fear of water and loves the bath. In fact...he has started to get mad when I take him out of the tub:)
  • Spinach---no really, he is a little Popeye and loves the stuff!
  • Other kids--he loves playing with other kids or just watching them.
  • Guitar--he has always loved Tyson's guitar and his love for that grows now that he can get himself to it and has enough control that Daddy lets him touch it gently...he loves strumming the strings.
  • Music--he loves music...he dances when it is on and when you are singing to him and stop he will start this sweet humming where you left off:)
  • ATTENTION--this boy loves to be the center of attention and knows how to get it. Smiling at the lady in the store, then pretending he is shy by turning his head once he has it. His fake laugh or cough while Daddy and Mommy are talking so we look at him. I guess in general he doesn't have to do much. People love Kai and he loves them. There is rarely a day we don't leave the house so he is used to people and doesn't know a stranger. I love watching him interact with others.
I'm sure there other things I should list but I can't think of them right now.
Kai had his 1-year-old check up this week and here are the stats:
  • Weight: 21 lbs 6 oz 31%
  • Height: 30.8 inches 79%
  • Head: 18.5 inches 68%
On Kai's birthday we came and got him out of bed singing "Happy Birthday"...then we gave him his first waffle with a candle and sang "Happy Birthday" again. Later that day I took Kai to play on the grass at the church near our home, I will put pictures below. When Daddy got home we went to the park and had a nice evening as a family. On Saturday we did a birthday party for him but that is a post in itself:)

Here are some pictures from his actual birthday.

At the park---this was really his first time to play on grass because it has always been damp...he enjoyed it. You will note that none of these are very good pictures and most of them are of him running from me...welcome to my life:)

Here he is opening his fun train from Grandma Julie...he loves it!

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Kari said...

What a precious boy. Oh how I can relate to all that you wrote--what a miracle it is to watch our little boys grow ... you are such a good mommy and Kai is such a special boy!