Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Daddy's Day

Tyson and Kai had lots of boys' time this weekend since I was out of town. I came home Sunday and was able to celebrate Father's Day with them. We let Daddy take a nap, gave him a beautiful card Kai colored and a gift. Then we went out for a late lunch before we let Tyson go golfing...and it was a beautiful day for that finally! That evening we hung out as a family...time that is precious to us! Kai began to get a little grumpy so we piled some couch cushions on the floor and he and Tyson jumped and wrestled for a long time...they were both quite entertained! I am blessed to be Tyson's wife...not only is he a wonderful husband but he is an amazing father! I love to watch Tyson and Kai together...Tyson is always so creative in their play, making Kai squeal and laugh but always teaching him at the same time. This last week Kai has began to give us hugs...real ones. We have obviously always hugged him but he has begun to wrap his arms around us a was so precious to watch him run up to Tyson at the softball field yesterday and jump in his arms and squeeze him tight. I love watching them together. brings joy to my heart!

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