Friday, September 19, 2008


Again with the amazing. This morning there was a deer outside in our yard and I took Kai out and showed him and told him it was a deer to which he repeated "dee". This is the second time he has ever seen a deer and the last one time was a while ago. Anyway, just now I am in the office on the computer and Kai is drinking his milk and has wandered over and is looking out the sliding glass door. He starts shouting "dee, dee" very excited like. It takes me a while to realize he is trying to tell me something (seeing that "dee" is not technically a word) but I eventually figure it out and look out the window. Sure enough there is a deer in our neighbors yard. Again, I know this is silly to some but I was amazed at how he put it together so quickly. Deer are not one of the animals we talk about and point at in books...he just learned their name this morning. But a) he remembered, b) he told me and c) he actually saw the darn thing. He continued to say "dee" until about a minute ago when he began to say "bye bye" as the deer moved on. I am impressed every day and apparently every hour by this kid.


Jayne Mercer said...

Hey Tracy!! I love the dee! Man I can't believe how fast Kai is growing up, how cool! Thanks so much for your encouragement! You are awesome! love ya!

Anonymous said...

Tracy, you made my evening. I had a GREAT laugh. Kai is definitely the smartest, cutest, and most precious boy around. Grammas can afford to be prejudice.

T-spoon's Spanish Adventures! said...

hilarious! He's a smarty!