Friday, September 19, 2008

Yesterday was one of those days...

No, not one of those days. I mean one of those days when you can't stop kissing your child because for some reason, well, you can't. And everything they do melts your heart and you keep thinking to yourself, "was this amazing child really entrusted to me?" Yes, yesterday was one of those days. I literally kissed Kai a thousand times and kept hugging and squeezing him. And he let me, well, most of the time he did:) He was just a little cuter than normal or maybe I was just a little more aware of it than normal. He is talking so much now. He says lots and lots of words on his own now which always amazes me. This week we walked out of the church and there was a bike sitting outside and he pointed and said "bise"...which is he word for bike. Wow, really, no prompting needed, all on your own huh? This may not be amazing to some but to me it is. Everyday he learns something new...and then retains it and I am amazed. I'm not saying he is more amazing than other kids (although....:)) It is just that I am a first time mom and I have never seen the step by step, minute by minute process of their development and it just amazes me. And, his little personality is so full of life. Sometimes if he catches me looking at him he just gives me this cheesy smile that he is now doing (Kristen--it is the crocodile smile) and it cracks me up.

To top it all (and by all there are lots of details I am leaving out) it was cold yesterday. And what does that mean you might ask? It means that it was cool enough for footy pajamas which are my favorite. Footy pajamas after a bath...yummy...that calls for more kisses and hugs!
Yes, yesterday was one of those days...when your heart wants to burst with the love you feel for your child...but thankfully the Lord designed us with this in mind:)

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Melissa said...

Lovin' the grin! This kid cracks me up!