Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kai says...

Some cute things about his little brother...below are a few quotes.

"Grady is soooo cute, he is the best baby in the world."

"Grady is crying because he is afraid of monsters. Don't cry Grady, there's no monsters."

"Grady says he wants to sleep with me."

"Grady is crying because he wants a piece of chocolate...chocolate temptation."

"Stop faking it, Grady."

"Baby. Grady. Zane."

"Poor Baby Grady. Grady is a poor baby. They chopped your wee wee." (when Kai was watching me change Grady's diaper after his circumcision.)

There are lots more but these a few off the top of my head:)

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Vicky said...

Thank you Kai for a good laugh when we all needed it! You are an amazing big brother to be able to know what he needs so well! Keep it up:)
Love Auntie Vicky