Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years

Happy New Years! We celebrated New Years with some of our Extreme friends. Tyler and Amy are cluster support for Cusco but were in Arequipa for New Years with Amy's sister, Kim. We also had Mike, who will be working with short term teams, join us. We played some games and enjoyed some fireworks. Fireworks are a pretty big deal during Christmas and New Years here. There aren't the huge displays put on by the city like we do for the 4th of July. Instead individuals have them and so the entire city sky is lit up with fireworks...some right next to us that our neighbors were lighting off. We watched them from the roof 5 stories up and it was awesome.
Here we are doing some sparklers before Kai went to bed

Grady was in the New Years spirit too (apparently it was 20011...time flies!)

Here's our group up on the roof

Another way Peruvians celebrate the New Year is with yellow underwear. I have no idea why but there are New Years yellows for sale all over the streets. Amy and Tyler bought Kai a pair and he loved them. He wouldn't take them off for 2 days and since then has been asking for "the yellows" ever since...thanks guys:)

Kai proudly showing off "his yellows"

Happy New Years!

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