Tuesday, January 4, 2011

One Month

Grady turned one month old yesterday...boy does time fly! This last month has been an amazing one. Adding another boy to our family has truly been a joy and while I could use a little more sleep, this boy is definately a keeper:) Although Grady is still pretty laid back, he is getting more demanding and knows what he wants...like, he wants to be held in order to sleep. I have learned, however, that he instantly goes to sleep if put on his stomach. I know this is a no no in the "how to put your baby to sleep" book, so we will see what we do with that bit of info. He is eating and sleeping pretty much on a 3 hour schedule right now and is growing like crazy. I have already had to set clothes aside that he has grown out of. I am glad his is growing and all but seriously, so quickly? He is very strong and is lifting his head really well. On his tummy he can lift it up and more it from side to side. Kai is still in love and can't resist kissing and touching Grady. Seriously. Even if we ask him not to it is like there is a magnet that makes Kai's face be right in Grady's. He is still gentle though so that is great.
As I said, Grady turned one month yesterday...he also had his first airplane ride and applied for his U.S. passport. We also learned that he has to have a Peruvian passport as well in order to leave Peru so we got that today. He will have duel citizenship for the rest of his life. Here's to our little peruvian *cheers*.
Kai, Grady and I about to board Grady's first flight

Below are a few shots I snapped this morning.

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