Sunday, April 3, 2011

Grady is 4 months old

Our little Graders. You are 4 months old today and you are:

  • rolling over from stomach to back

  • waking yourself up (and me) by rolling over and not being able to go back to sleep on your back

  • still not sleeping through the night (anytime buddy, hint, hint)

  • noticing your hands

  • grabbing anything within reach

  • putting that anything (and everything) in your mouth

  • drooling like crazy

  • sweating like crazy

  • smiling and cooing all the time

  • bringing all of us lots of happiness

You are sick today (hence the serious face in the pictures) but even when I was putting homemade saline drops in your nose, you still gave me sweets smiles and noises. It wasn't until the suction bulb came out that you started screaming. Have I mentioned you have quite the scream? You do. It can come on quickly and unexpectedly and it sort of sounds like the world ending. But, it can go away just as quickly. I have also found that the concept of crying yourselft to sleep is totally lost on you once you start that "the world is ending" cry. Thankfully your smiles out weigh the tears most days:) We love you Grady!

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Rory and Jen said...

Poor little bug- I'm sorry he has been so sick! Grady is so cute! He makes my heart melt!