Friday, April 15, 2011

Grady's Checkup

We had Grady’s 4 month checkup and immunizations today. We are a couple weeks late due to the fact that we have all been sick the last week and a half. Grady had bronchitis and a throat infection. Both led to him to not wanting to eat very much. I'm thinking this is the reason for his lack of weight gain. They were also concerned about his belly button. He has an outie (well, a halfie) and they suggested I put a piece of tape over it and pull the skin around it together--kind of like if you were to do a "butterfly bandage". I am never sure of what to think here. I don't know if it is an actual medical concern or just custom. They also said I should be feeding him "cada rato". Basically women here are breast feeding all the time. Every time the baby makes a noise they put them to the breast. They said this would help with his weight gain and with my milk supply. However, when I feed him off of our routine he eats for only a little, then falls asleep and doesn't eat that much the next. Basically he never gets full feedings...only enough to satisfy or put him to sleep. So, in my mind, he is not eating as much or getting as good of milk and my body's production is lower because it thinks he only wants a little. I think what I am doing is right but sometimes you begin to question yourself when everyone around you is telling you different. Anyway, needless to say I look forward to taking both of the boys to a pediatrician when we get back to the States:)

Grady's stats:
Weight-- 13lbs 11oz -- 18%
Length-- 24 1/2 " -- 28%

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