Thursday, April 21, 2011

Being a Mommy in Peru….

So many things about having a baby here that are different …I just don’t want to forget...

  • about constantly having my baby on me…I don’t have to think about what I wear (not that I ever did) because I am always wearing Grady. And he's cute. Oh, did I mention the heat…right, I thought I was hot before. Every time I take him off of me the front of my shirt is soaked through with my/his sweat and drool.

  • that fact that Grady has never been in a car seat…and that whole wearing him all the time thing is the best safety device I’ve got.

  • how Grady loves the sound of the motorcar and is instantly content or asleep as soon as Tyson starts it up. The other day I made motorcycle sounds (and being a girl, very poor ones), instead of sweet hushes…this worked way better to calm him.

  • how it takes FOREVER to get an errand done because EVERYONE stops to kiss/squeeze/google over the little white baby with blue eyes.

  • how I get stared at for covering up when feeding him. And how women and children sometimes lift that cover to see what’s happening underneath.

  • how if he makes a peep in church I have ladies telling me to feed him…because obviously any little peep means he’s about to die of hunger.

  • the advice, oh the advice. Cover his head or he will get diarrhea. DO NOT sleep with a fan in the room. He should never, ever have bare feet (even in 90 degree weather) because that is how sickness enters. I almost never put socks on him, and I get lectures All. The. Time. From Strangers. Did I mention most women ride on the back of motorcycles holding (often breastfeeding) their infants…but I am putting my child in major danger by putting socks on him:)

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