Friday, December 7, 2007

Kai is 8 Months Old!

That's right, 8 months, he is 2/3 of the way done with his first year...too fast I say! Well, Kai turned 8 months on Sunday and was still quite sick so I tried to take a few pictures a few days later but he was still not cooperative. We took him to the doctor on Monday and he was 17 lbs 5 oz. I don't know if he gained anything in the last two months but the doctors said it was normal especially since he had been sick. He was also 27 1/2 inches so I think he has grown in that way. He speeding around the house on his hands and knees and pulling himself up on everything. He is catching onto "no" quicker than I thought although he still tests us, of course (I think I would be concerned if he didn't). Here are a few pictures I tried to take...I will try to get more later in the month...he's got to be in the right mood I have found. He can be quite stubborn in smiling when you want him too. And, as you can see he was a little distracted by the shining tree:)

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Tammy & Jeremy said...

How gorgeous! He will be a tall boy! Maya was 29 inches at 1 yr I think and she was in the 60th percentile. She was 18lbs 5 ozs too, but I think she is closer to 20 lbs now. I can't remember when she is supposed to go back - I will have to check on that. Declan is around 10 1/2 lbs now - crazy huh?! He will be 5 weeks tomorrow.

Could you please send me your mailing address? You can send it to my email if you want....thanks:)