Saturday, December 8, 2007

Music To My Ears

Chase The Age...doesn't that have a nice ring. That is the name of Tyson's band consisting of he, Daniel Duran on electric guitar and keyboard, and Matt Smith on drums. They played at Union Block Coffee Shop last night and it was a great show. Tyson and Daniel have been playing together for almost a year and Matt as joined up with them. It has been such a great thing for Tyson to get to do more with his music. He loves writing and playing so much and it is wonderful for me to get to see him do what he loves with great guys. A few weeks ago Tyson and Daniel played at a coffee shop in Newberg and a man there offered to record some of their music. He is a great Christian man who had someone do this for him when he was younger and now he does it for other young artists free of charge. It has been a dream for Tyson to get his music recorded well and we are so blessed to have Gary offer. I have not seen Tyson much this week with recording and practicing for the show and he has apologized many times. But, I honestly don't mind, it is a blessing to me that he is able to pursue this passion. Last night they played about 9 songs, all original. It was so cool for me to hear a final product of the rifts I hear Tyson start and work on...and all that the other guys bring to it. It was fun and we are hoping they will get to play more often. I will try to post some of their music when they get it done.

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