Monday, March 3, 2008

Beach Trip

We took a trip to the beach with our good friends Ryan and Caitlin this Sunday. It was a little more chilly than we hoped but we still had a great time. We went to Pacific City where there is a huge sand dune we love to climb and cliffs and just a beautiful view! This is actually the site of one of Tyson and my first dates...the one after the Olympia Picketing Video Date (long story if you don't know...I will write about it sometime). Anyway, we had a great afternoon hiking around, flying the kite and eating a yummy dinner. One the way home we had a little car trouble (not ours) in the middle of nowhere with no cell phone service...but the Lord protected us and we made it home safe. Thanks Ryan and Caitlin for the fun day!


Tammy & Jeremy said...

Love the back-pak. We need to get to the beach again soon. Hope to see you guys before we head out of town.

Shannon said...

Looks like so much fun. Some great shots too!